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Pencil Skirt Styles: 25 Beautiful Outfit Ideas

A pencil skirt is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. This type of skirts is super flattering for any figure and can be worn on any occasion, from the office to a wedding. Check out 25 latest Ankara pencil skirt designs and outfit ideas!

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1. Ankara pencil skirt and top styles

Ladies who are new to this style of clothing want to know one thing about a pencil skirt: how to wear it to look modern and pretty? Here are some of the best ways to wear an Ankara pencil skirt with a basic top.

In case a combination of a simple white shirt and Ankara skirt seems to office-like for you, some delicate embroidery on the shirt is exactly what you need!

Ankara and lace are one of the most popular pencil skirt outfit ideas – white lace looks fantastic with any print or cut of the skirt.

A new and fresh take on the traditional pencil skirt is pairing the Ankara skirt with a completely matching or complementary crop top.

The combination of black, red, and white colours in one outfit is called classic for a reason – there is not a single woman who wouldn’t look fabulous in those shades.

Another variation of the black, white, and red theme, but this time with a more intricate cut: the asymmetric shape of the skirt makes the whole look!

There are so many things to like about the next look: the Ankara, the tulle, the striped top and the matching striped shoes, and, of course, a super fun purse!

Don’t miss your chance to rock some Ankara chic this autumn – simply throw a cute coat over your already stylish outfit.

Combine two hot trends of 2018, a high waisted pencil skirt and an off-shoulder top, for maximum style points!

Flaunt your gorgeous curves with the help of a figure-hugging pencil skirt and white top combo.

The next outfit seems fairly simple at first glance, but a longer look reveals an adorable detail – a matching Ankara shirt pocket.

Even a fiercely trendy Ankara pencil skirt with a fringe can be made perfectly suitable for office with an addition of a crisp white shirt.

This version of the Ankara skirt + white shirt is less suited for office wear, but it’s a pretty fabulous look on its own.

When choosing your next look with a pencil skirt, don’t forget the ultimate classic – an Ankara pencil skirt and peplum top.

Adding a black top and mesmerizing jewelry can turn any basic look into high fashion.

When your Ankara pencil skirt is the only pop of colour in your outfit, the whole look is guaranteed to work.

2. Ankara pencil skirt and blouse styles

Pencil skirt styles cannot be imagined without another Nigerian favourite – elegant and timeless skirt and blouse styles.

Black and white is always a goof choice for Ankara styles, but a subtle yet colourful accent makes things even better!

Make everyone’s heads turn with a floral Ankara pencil skirt and blouse with an off shoulder design.

Neon colours look so beautiful against a black background that this Ankara fabric already has thousands of fans.

When your pencil skirt is as basic as it gets, choosing a striking Ankara blouse to go with it is a recipe for success.

Mix and match Ankara styles are super hot right now, but combining two fabrics in a single garment is a very fresh idea.

Autumn is the perfect time to rock long sleeves, which is why this cute Ankara skirt and blouse outfit will inspire you to upgrade your closet.

A single-layered peplum is already a beautiful detail, but a three-layered peplum takes the whole look to the next level.

This may be the most luxurious and eye-catching outfit we’ve seen lately: the gold on black is a simply stunning combination.

The pairing of Ankara and lace will never lose their popularity, so now is a great time to add it to your wardrobe.

This version of the mix and match Ankara outfit is so sophisticated that you can easily imagine it at any royal event.

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