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Natural Hair Treatments For Hair Growth

We all want to be like Bassey Akan, the girl with the longest natural hair in Nigeria. However, not everyone knows how to maintain natural hair in Nigeria without expensive products. Find out how to maintain and how to grow Nigeria hair fast!

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1. Andrea Hair Growth Essence

Andrea Hair Growth is a hair beauty brand that is known worldwide. This popular hair product for natural hair in Nigeria promises to speed up your hair growth 2-3 times and make your dull and brittle hair shiny, soft, and luscious.

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2. Hair Now Now Hair Growth Serum

Hair Now Now is one of the best hair products in Nigeria. Their range of products includes oils, serums, and other treatments for hair and beards. To make this serum even more effective for promoting hair growth, make sure to thoroughly cleanse your scalp before the application.

3. Hair Wonder Cream

If you’ve ever researched best cheap natural hair products in Nigeria, you’ve likely come across favourable El-Glittas Hair Wonder reviews. Hair Wonder cream is the next best thing to an all-natural hair growth treatment. This hair booster herbal Nigeria can replenish your hair and stimulate growth. The secret is to massage it into your scalp and hair roots really well to make it work its magic!

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4. SNAZII Hair Essence

SNAZII Hair Essence is another affordable hair growth product, but this time with Asian origin. It’s not used on its own – instead it is mixed with shampoo. How to use SNAZII hair essence? Simply mix 3ml of the essence with 100ml of your regular shampoo and use it to wash your hair as often as needed.

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5. Alorepair Hair Growth Spray

Alopecia is a very common reason for thinning hair that can affect both men and women. Get your alopecia under control with Alorepair hair growth spray. Apply it directly to your scalp twice a day for up to 4 months or until you witness a noticeable result.

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6. Dr. Miracle Leave In Conditioner

Looking for the best leave in conditioner for natural hair in Nigeria? Consider this lightweight formula from Dr. Miracle! This conditioner strengthens your hair, detangles the ends, and promotes hair growth without leaving it greasy or dull.

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7. Amla Hair Growth Oil

Amla oil is the holy grail beauty product in India, and naturally it made its way into the bathroom cabinets of Nigerian beauties. Amla oil stimulates rapid hair growth, slows down hair loss, as well as make your scalp healthier and prevent premature greying of the hair.

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