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How To Make Crochet Braids: The Complete Guide

Crochet braids are far from being the latest hairstyle craze in Nigeria, but it has been popular for years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Crochet hairstyles are often done in a salon, but it’s not impossible to do it on your own. Find out how to do crochet braids on yourself!

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1. Best hair for crochet braids

Before we go on to learn how to do crochet braids, let’s cover the basics – which hair should you use? The first thing to know is that no matter which style of braids you want to go for, the best hair to use for crochet braids is hair from medium and high price range.

There is suitable hair available for any types of crochet braids you can imagine. For example, those who prefer crochet hairstyles with curly hair swear by Outre X-Pression hair, twist crochet braids look best with Havana Mambo Twists, and there is nothing better than Saga strands for crochet braids with human hair.

2. What you’ll need for crochet braids

Now that you’ve found the best synthetic hair for crochet braids and are ready to tackle on this challenge, make sure you have everything at hand! Here is what you’ll need:

  • Your hair of choice – 4-6 packs
  • Crochet hook
  • Moisturizing spray for your scalp

As you can see, the list of tools and materials required for this style isn’t long at all, which means the answer to the question: “How much are crochet braids?” depends only on your choice of hair and the amount you need.

3. Crochet braids step by step

  1. Remember that crochet hair styles should only be done on freshly washed hair, which is why you should wash and condition your hair before doing the crochet braid. Blow out your hair on low heat to make is easier to work with and prepare it for installing braids.
  2. Apply moisturizing spray to the roots of your hair and the scalp to make it softer and prevent tension and breakage of your hair. You can use light hair oil instead.
  3. Many ladies believe that cornrows are the best base for crochet braids, but not everyone can do cornrows on their own. You can achieve the same great result with flat twists. On average, you will need between 8 and 10 flat twists for installing crochet braids.
  4. Once your flat twists are ready, you can start working your way through the braids with a crochet hook. You can regulate the density and the thickness of your braids. Most women prefer to start from the edge of their hair and move towards the back of the head.
  5. After completing your crochet braids, remember to moisturize your scalp daily. If you feel like your braids have become too heavy and are putting too much pressure on your hair and scalp, it may be time to take the crochet braids out. Next time you can go for shorter braids instead of longer ones, or improve your braiding technique.

Still not sure how to crochet braids? You’re not alone, as crochet braids are a hairstyle that becomes much clearer once you see someone doing it! Here is a video that will teach you how to crochet braids for beginners.

Have you fallen in love with Marley hair and are now wondering how to do crochet braids with Marley hair? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Find out how to make crochet braids using Marley hair with this wonderful tutorial!

Now that you know how to do crochet twists, you can go on and try your first crochet braid style, as well as experiment with the shape, colour, and length of your braids – we have no doubt your new style will look absolutely stunning!

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