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Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas You Should Try This Year!

Are you at your wits’ end thinking about Valentine’s day ideas? We are here to help you out!

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be very romantic but and we can be under a lot of stress thinking of cool ways to spend it!

So why not forget about the standard “candy-flowers-coffee-time” pattern this year and do something different? Here are Valentines day ideas for couples that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Love each other, enjoy life, stay with Jiji!

1. Best Valentines day ideas 2018

1.1. Valentine’s Fortune Date

Allow the cards decide what you are going to do on this day! Your most romantic dinner date will be much more fun if you add some activities, yummy dessert, and these cute FREE printables!

1.2. Champagne cinema night

If you don’t really want to do much, but watching TV at home seems not refined enough, go for a cinema night. You can watch a movie in a luxurious hotel drinking champagne. Classy and relaxed –it’s a win-win!

1.3. Romance in the sky

Choose a ride on a hot air balloon and you’ll be one of those few people who will be able to brag unbelievable Valentine’s pics from the sky!

1.4. Head to the spa

Pamper yourself and your sweetheart with a day spent at luxury spa!

Both of you will enjoy delicious treatment and the whole day’s access to all the spa’s facilities, ranging from saunas to steam rooms.

1.5. Michelin star dinner

This will cost you more than Greggs, but Michelin fine dining can still be reasonable if you know what to expect.

Clarendon London has ranked all Michelin-starred restaurants according to their price, so now you are prepared to anything!

1.6. Romantic Dinner Date in your backyard!

Why don’t you create the most romantic dinner night backyard this time?! Impress your wife with an exquisite Valentine’s table, a well-thought DIY gift, and a self-made dish!

You can also check out these fantastic free printables from Lauren from Every Last Detail!

1.7. Double, triple and quadruple date

Why don’t you celebrate with friends? Especially if all of them are couples!

First of all think what activities you will use and in which order. Start with contests between “boys” and “girls” first and then proceed to couple’s teams.

1.8. Photo session

You don’t have to hire a professional; you can just take a standard digital camera, find good lighting and good mood! These photos will be the ones to remember!

2. Valentines day ideas for Him

Here are some cute ideas for Valentines day for him, if he has seen it all!

3. Valentines day ideas for Her

If you are sick and tired of conventional celebration patterns, check out these Valentines day ideas for girlfriend.


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