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All You Need To Know About Permanent Make up!

Doing your makeup on a daily basis can be really stressful, so some girls go for permanent makeup that they don’t have to renew throughout the day. The idea is that you can get out of bed and be shining with beauty without worrying about putting the make-up on. This sounds really great but is it suitable for everyone?

We’ve found several opinions from make-up experts as well as makeup tips and best permanent makeup pigment reviews that will give you the general idea of permanent makeup. See for yourself and be informed in advance!

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1. What is permanent makeup?

It’s basically the makeup that you have tattooed on your face.

The permanent lip or brow liner simply enhances or changes a little the person’s facial features unlike statement tattoos on the body.

2. Permanent makeup tattoo: top-10 important tips to read right now!

  1. It’s Esential To Find A Good Specialist.

When the artist is found, bear these three things in mind: Safety, artistry, and technique. These things are equally important if you want to achieve a dainty, clean and durable result.

  1. It Lasts For Years.

The same as with conventional tattoos, time and sun can cause fading of the ink. On average, the permanent make-up stays proper from 2 to 5 years and this time varies individually.

  1. Check The Specialist’s Portfolio Before Hiring.

Try to find other customers’ feedback and choose the artists who provide you with opportunity to contact their other clients who can give them a reference.

  1. The Initial Bright Color Will Get Lighter.

The first 4-7 days after the procedure, your bright red lips will heal and afterwards the color will get about 50-60 percent lighter than immediately after the procedure.

  1. Stay Away From Artists Who Promise “Touch Ups” In A Year.

Any tattoo is supposed to last for a while. If a cosmetic tattoo needs being touched up in only a year, it means that it must have been done wrong. Therefore, such artists and salons should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Does it hurt?

The face areas are especially sensitive, so it’s a relief to know that the majority of artists will offer you a local anesthetic to reduce the pain.

  1. Anyone Can Do It.

The procedure is suitable for people of any age, ethnicity or gender and it can be done both on the face and on the bodies (for instance, to improve the nipple shape corrupted after a surgery).

However, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people undergoing cancer treatments, or those who are on Accutane should not take the procedure.

  1. Permanent makeup can lead to serious infections.

Permanent makeup is a risky invasive procedure, the same as regular tattoos. Not only the needles but even factory-sealed ink as well can carry infections that are very hard to diagnose and cure.

  1. Cheap Places Should Be Avoided.

“Carefully select the professional” is probably the best piece of advice from Mary Arnold-Ronish, a permanent makeup expert.

Cheap services cannot offer decent quality so stay away from them; otherwise you would later need to have your make-up fixed by a better technician anyway.

  1. Natural is The New Sexy!

Choose natural-looking make-up, since trendy embellishments (like blue eyeliner) can look fishy very soon.

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