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How To Grill Chicken In 10 Easy Steps & 5 Amazing Simple Recipes

The main advantage of grilled chicken is that you receive very tender and delicious meat. However, it may get challenging to grill all the parts equally well. The final product should be done to a turn perfectly since your guests expect to be served the most delicious grilled dish!

We are going to share some tricks about how to grill chicken correctly in this step by step guide – so you could make your guests happy with these yummy juicy grilled chicken pieces!

We are also going to check out the most interesting chicken recipes.

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1. How to make barbecue chicken: step-by-step tutorial

1.1. How to make grilled chicken step #1: what you will need

  • One cut-up chicken;
  • A quality chicken dry rub;
  • Good grilled meat sauce;
  • Grill Fuel;
  • A reliable meat thermometer.

1.2. How to prepare grilled chicken step #2: the preps

Cut off all the big fat pieces as well as unnecessary skin in order to minimize the burning chances. Next wash everything well.

1.3. How to season grilled chicken, step #3

Rubbing the chicken with spices adds that special aroma and creates a nice yummy crust. The trick here is to get the herbs and spices under the chicken’s skin so the meat itself soaks them.

In order for your meat to be well-done tender and delicious, you should marinate it first.

Check out 5 recipes of how to marinate chicken:

1.4. How to make BBQ chicken step #4: cleaning the grill

Clean the grill properly before you begin in order to avoid flare-ups. Once it’s clean, heat the grill well.

1.5. How to barbecue chicken step #5: heat the grill

To grill the chicken pieces equally well, put the larger pieces first and then add the smaller ones. Another option would be to make one side of the grill hotter and place the big pieces there.

The temperature should be then adjusted to about 177-190 C.

1.6. How to prepare barbecue chicken step #6: place chicken on the grill

Place the larger parts, e.g. the breasts very close to the hottest side while the wings should be put at a distance from the biggest heat. The thighs and the legs should go somewhere in the middle. Leave the chicken on the grill for about 45 minutes.

1.7. Barbecue chicken recipe step #7: deal with flare-ups

Each time you turn the pieces on the grill, shake them well to get rid of the grease – this way you will prevent flare-ups.

If it does happen, take the chicken out and let the fire stop. Do not put the lid on the grill. When there’s no more fire, resume grilling.

1.8. How to prepare grilled chicken step #8: turn the carcass

In a quarter of an hour, turn the chicken over if there’s already a yummy brown crust on the top side. In 15 more min, the chicken should already be done and it will be the time for the sauce.

1.9. Moving to an end, step #9: adding barbeque sauce

As soon as the chicken is almost done, decrease the heat to 128 C and pour the sauce in several layers for the nice thick gooey coating.

The trick here is to make the sauce become thicker right on the chicken parts. Pour some sauce on one side of the pieces and grill for 5 minutes with a closed lid. Next turn the piece and apply sauce to the other side. Keep on doing this until there’s a good sauce coating all around the pieces.

1.10. The final step #10: checking the temperature

The chicken parts should cool down to 74 C before you remove them from the grill. Cover the pieces then and leave for another 5 minutes. And you are done! The chicken can be served now!

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