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How To Thoroughly Inspect A Smartphone Before Purchase: The Fullest Guide

Used phones for sale… This word combination sounds scary for a number of people and for that reason many sellers opt for the word «pre-owned» instead. However, in reality lots of people buy used phones online and don’t regret about it!

Check out this new or used smartphone buying guide in order to make your new or used smartphone purchase an enjoyable experience!


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1. Where to buy used phones

Where to buy a used phone? There are lot of places to do that: Swappa, Ebay, Craiglist, Social networks, classified ads portals. However, not all of them will have what you need and there’s a chance of being scammed too.

The very best place to buy used phones is without any doubt Jiji, #1 Nigerian online-marketplace:

  • Millions of goods are already sold here;
  • Jiji ng phones and other goods are sold only by registered users;
  • Jiji offers both new and used goods;
  • Effective filter-enabled search;
  • The opportunity to buy goods at the lowest price;
  • The opportunity to discuss the details of the deal with sellers right on the website;
  • Advanced protection system against scammers.

So, ask yourself: isn’t this website the best place to buy used cell phones online?!

If you’re still wondering where to buy used android phones or iPhones – phones on Jiji would be an ideal solution for the most reasonable deal! Check out and find used phones for sale – there are all kinds of smartphones available on Jiji today!


2. What to look for when buying a used phone: general info

There are 3 reasons why folks sell their second hand phones:

  1. Upgrade to newer phone,
  2. Their Phone is faulty
  3. They are in need of money.

Sometimes people don’t even realize that their phone is faulty – so, here’s what to check when buying a used phone.

2.1. Check if the phone is not stolen

Buying a used phone, you have to make sure that you’re not buying a stolen one. So, valid Imei check is very important: type *#06#, the number has to match with the number on the Bill/Box. iPhone Imei check: vizit iphoneimei.info.

  1. Check if the Bill has a genuine IMEI.
  2. Check if the Bill is a genuine VAT paid bill.
  3. Check if the Bill is in the name of the seller.

2.2. Beware Of Replicas

  1. The best thing to do would be to take the smartphone to any Authorized Service Centre and have them check it.
  1. An easier way of how to buy a used phone being sure it’s authentic:
  • For Android – check the hardware with the «Test Your Android» app.
  • If you buy used iPhone, go to Apple’s Website & check your service & support coverage.

2.3. Check the Overall Condition

Sometimes body panels are attached to the screen and fixing this is very costly!

2.4. Check the Functionality

  1. For Samsung phones: type *#0*# to inspect hardware functions. This screen should come up:

The code will test the LCD display and all the functionalities:

  • pixels and display (change all pixels to Red/Green/Blue/White);
  • vibrating;
  • pixel dimming;
  • camera;
  • all the sensors (accelerometer, magnetic and others…);
  • touch functionality;
  • sleeping mode;
  • speaker;
  • buttons.

2. For other Android devices use hardware testing apps like «Phone Doctor», «Test Your Android».

2.5. Check the Battery

  • If removable: take it out, see if it not bulged, rotate it on a flat surface – if it does rotate fast – it needs replacement, if rotates slowly or not at all – battery is fine.
  • If non-removable: check the percentage & restart – if it drops more than 3%-5% – the battery needs replacement, if not – it works fine.

Insert SIM card then & check if it works OK.

2.6. Check the Current Market Price

Make sure that the price for the used device is at least 15% lower than the CURRENT MARKET PRICE.

3. How to check second hand mobile phones on Android

4. What to check when buying a used iPhone

If you want to know, how to buy a used iPhone please check the buying a used iPhone checklist video below:

5. What to check when buying a new phone

The same rules apply here as well – check the rights of the owner for the phone, that the body is intact, the phone’s display, functionality and battery.

And the most important thing is to tell the authentic device from a fake!

Spotting A Fake iPhone:

Checking the genuineness of the smartphone: easy method to test IMEI: 

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