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Christmas Presents for Children

Children always wait for Christmas magic, and you can easily give it to them by picking the right present. It should not be complicated with Jiji. Here are several categories you should visit for finding a perfect Christmas gift.

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Here you will find several dream presents.

  • Video game consoles. Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo – there are models with different specifications and for different budgets. There is need to worry that a console will affect your child’s performance at school or distract from studies. Let it become one of the favorite toys for during winter holidays and set the rules of playing during school time.
  • Video games. If your child already has a console, get some new games for it.

Video games gifts


Mobile phones and tablets

A proper attitude to a new gadget will help you to make it more than a toy. Download and install several educational apps and help your child to become smarter through playing.


Mobile Phones Gifts

Babies and kids

This category features a handful of presents, and it will help to find a perfect gift idea.

  • Clothing and shoes. Some say these presents make a parent happier than children, but every child is happy to get something fashionable and pretty. Consider buying a dress your daughter admires or a T-shirt with favorite movie characters for your sun.

Fashion Gifts for Kids

  • Furniture. You may surprise children and restyle their rooms for Christmas.

Furniture for Kids

  • Toys. The options are unlimited: radio-controlled cars and planes, Barbie dolls, LEGO, soft toys, puzzles, “professional” kits for playing hospital and “practicing” other jobs… The list can go on and on.

Toys & Gifts

Hobbies – Art – Sport

How about a drawing easel and painting equipment? Or maybe a musical instrument? Ask your children about what they are interested in. You may discover unexpected talents.

Hobby Gifts


There is hardly a child who does not dream about a puppy, a kitten, a parrot, or at least a hamster. Christmas is the time when all dreams come true. It is the best time to make children happier. Okay, you will be still the one to take care of both a child and a pet, but remember yourself at this age: a pet may become the present for the entire family.

Pets for Gifts

Check out other categories on Jiji for more Christmas presents ideas.

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