Regina Daniels Celebrates Her Birthday With Stunning Pictures

One of the brightest young stars of Nollywood, Regina Daniels, is celebrating her birthday. The Regina Daniels birthday is, perhaps, the biggest celebrity news of the week, and the actress decided to draw even more attention to the celebration by releasing a mesmerizing new photoshoot.

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1. How old is Regina Daniels?

The Regina Daniels, Nollywood actress, age is probably one of the first thing that the public wants to know about the actress, and it’s not surprising: despite the very tender Regina Daniels age, the star has managed to achieve quite a lot in the film industry.

So what is the Regina Daniels date of birth? If you have ever asked: “When was Regina Daniels born?”, at last you can learn that the actress was born on October 10, 2000. It means that the answer to the question “How old is Regina Daniels now?” is that the starlet has just turned 17.

2. Where is Regina Daniels from?

Not many people know this, but Regina Daniels actually comes from an artistic family, and the acting talent in her household is passed from generation to generation. Regina’s mother Rita Daniels is also a prolific actress and the chairwoman of the Delta State Actors Guild. Regina watched the lifestyle of an actress from a young age and had no doubts what she wanted to be.

Regina Daniels is from Delta State, and, unlike many other Nigerian actors, she stays true to her beginnings – currently she’s attending an acting school in her home town and has no immediate plans of leaving the city.

3. Photos of Regina Daniels

To celebrate becoming one year older, the Nollywood actress Regina Daniels commissioned the top Nigerian photographers for a brand new photoshoot. The outdoor photos reveal Regina sporting a cute denim outfit and adorably curly hair. Thousands of fans expressed love for the new photos and shared their sincere wishes for the actress’s 17th birthday.

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