Hairstyles For Men: Top Selection Of Trendy Hairstyles & Celebs’ Choice!

The best hairstyles for men include the flat top, frohawk, faux hawk, curls and the lineup haircut. All of them make guys look cool and hot. If you’re having trouble picking the best hairstyle, boys, –  read this post with 21 best guy haircuts that are trendy at the end of 2017 and are not going anywhere in 2018!

Also, we’ll give you a bonus – check out newest Nigerian celebs’ hairstyles!

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1. Different hairstyles for men: top 21 look

You can opt for shaved, fro, long, medium-length or short hairstyles for men. All people are different, so choose those guy hairstyles that will suit your personality.

Short bob hairstyles are not really that trendy nowadays when we have such a huge variety of styles to choose from.

Take a look at these male haircuts for men with black skin in order to have something to show to your barber. We are happy to show you this list of the trendiest Nigerian male hairstyles and their names!

1.1. Line up haircut

This is the best hairstyle for men who love minimalism! It looks simple but really stunning on almost every guy.

1.2. Natural “black man’s” curls

This is a medium-length hairstyle that’s very easy to keep tidy.

1.3. Long top & short sides

Only the bravest guys will rock this style in 2017.

1.4. Edgy and shorty

This hairstyle traces back to men’s haircuts 2016. It’s low-maintenance and looks best on African type of hair.

1.5. Temple fade & sponge twists

The temp fade combined with a cute beard is a great choice as well.

1.6. Medium all natural curls

Creating cool barbing hairstyles, you could experiment with curls. They look cute and don’t even need brushing.

1.7. Faux hawk fade

This style would be a perfect choice if you’re a guy with thick curls.

1.8. Creative black man’s mohawk

This is a highly versatile statement hairstyle that would suit brave guys who want to look hot and edgy.

1.9. Frohawk

This new hairstyle for men who want to experiment with cutting the sides short and leaving a long Afro on the top of the head.

1.10. Flat top

This hairstyle would be perfect for sports players and athletes since it is extremely easy to keep tidy but stylish at the same time.

1.11. Low fade & twists

This is one of the hottest latest hairstyles for men with its low skin fade, line up, and short spongy twists!

1.12. Taper fade haircut

Almost all African men fancy fade haircuts because they emphasize the fro beauty of their thick hair.

1.13. Shaved side & low fade haircut

With this style, you will look clean-cut and edgy without having to use a lot of styling products and even a comb!

1.14. Long dreadlocks & bun

Long hairstyles are not going anywhere so simply dare to rock those hot dreadlocks with a bun!

1.15. Curly & shaved side part

This curly style with the shaved side part is one of the most loved black men hairstyles in the end of 2017.

1.16. Natural wave

This is a trendy and natural look for an athletic guy who wants to look classy.

1.17. Low fade with part

The fade part and the edge are really eye-catching.

1.18. Geometric cut

This is one of the best hairstyles for Nigerian guys who fancy geometry and want to look hot.

1.19. Textured temple fade

This bad-boy hairstyle will make any young black man irresistible!

1.20. Dreaded high fade

A dreaded high fade hairstyle is a fantabulous look for young black guys.

1.21. Afro Galax

2. Popular types of male afros for medium & long hair

Take a look at these Nigerian hairstyle pictures in order to pick one of the most popular haircuts that will suit your medium-length hair.

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3. Nigerian male celebs’ hairstyles

A lot of guys from YBNL seem to like changing the way their hair looks.

For instance, Olamide has dyed his hair blonde, Lil Kesh has rocked a new hairstyle recently while Adekunle Gold also surprised his fans with a brand-new hairstyle. And, finally, we’ve seen Wizkid new haircut!

3.1. Adekunle Gold hairstyle

3.2. Olamide hairstyle

3.3. Lil kesh new hairstyle

3.4. Wizkid hairstyle

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