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Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas To Wear For A Nigerian Wedding

Every normal girl tends to have doubts when picking Nigerian wedding guest attire. It’s difficult to make up your mind about the style, color, and its combinations. If you are one of these doubtful girls, check out these wedding guest styles for inspiration. There are fashionable off-shoulder styles, fringe embellishments, hi-low skirts and peplum tops, etc.!

The most brilliant wedding guests styles sometimes overshadow the bride’s outfit! Yes, weddings are taken very seriously by guests in Nigeria!

Simply look at these Nigerian wedding guest dresses and choose one for yourself, put on your stunning accessories and don’t forget about makeup and your styling gele!

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1. Nigerian wedding guest dresses: styles colors and designs

How were African wedding dresses for guests chosen historically?

In the past Yoruba bride would pick the Aso-Ebi styles, colours and fabric for her wedding guests. She even bought the Aso-Ebii fabrics or outfits in order to resell them to her guests with some profit. She used this extra money to cover some of the wedding expenses and for the ‘thank you’ gifts for each guest.

The nigerian bridesmaid dresses (Iyawo) would wear uniform Aso-Ebi dresses, Gele head-wraps, and even beaded necklaces while the groomsmen would wear their Nigerian wedding guest dresses in a single colour scheme and design. Even ordinary guests could wear the same Aso-Ebi colours or patterns.

However, wedding guests will often want to look unique and stunning in the crowd of the similarly-dressed people. So, girls often look through fashion magazines, ‘bella naija’, popular Instagram pages and Nigerian movies in order to pick the most elegant outfits to sew.

As a result, stylish dress for wedding guest will make any conventional wedding into a vivid color burst while the pics will be absolutely gorgeous!

2. Nigerian wedding fashion for guests: 7 forbidden looks

  1. Revealing or provocative outfits.
  2. Fancy costumes, unless you’ve been asked by the bride and groom to wear them.
  3. Jeans and T-shirts.
  4. Baseball caps and wide-brimmed hats that can prevent other guests from seeing the ceremony.
  5. Casual boots with formal or almost formal dresses.
  6. Sunglasses indoors (unless you have a medical reason to wear them).
  7. Boutonnieres or corsages( except when they were given to you by the hosts).

3. Nigerian outfit for ladies (wedding guests): top 17 looks

Check out these adorable wedding guest dresses that impress with their creativity and luxury:

1. Stella of J’adore Fashion is always a go-to option

2. Roman toga-style bright classic dress

3. A cute jumpsuit. Nothing more than you need!

4. You can always choose to ladylook style

5. A beautiful tight-fitting evening dress with puffed sleeves

6. Wear black to look like a true vixen

7. Asymmetric black-and-white tight dress will emphasize your yummy curves and make a statement about your style

8. Try a festive Ozinna look

9. Short lace indigo dress

10. There’s no such thing as too many Sequins

11. Classic feminine pink dress with a golden belt

12. Another stunning look

13. A unique velvet off-shoulder burgundy ruffle dress

14. A vintage glam gown is always appropriate

15. Yellow Maxi Ethnic fringe dress

16. A high cut maxi lace dress

17. A space-style glittering silver pant suit.

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