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Top 7 Things To Do Before Moving Into A New House

Getting a new house is a very exciting process. You basically start your life anew and you get a chance to make a change for a better. If you want to make this change less painful for your wallet, check out the houses for sale on Jiji. However, the moving by itself can indeed be a very difficult and stressful task. With so many things you can forget about and so much responsibility on your shoulders, why wouldn’t it be? Fortunately, with careful and thorough planning you can avoid the most part of this stress. If you don’t know where to start your plan, use this checklist for moving into a new house!

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1. Start early

The first advice to avoid stress is to always be ready for everything. Make a new home checklist – everything you need to do and pack before moving out. This also means that you should be ready to pack at least a couple of months before moving out. Get things you will use to pack your stuff (items you need for a new house include boxes and duct tape), arrange everything with the moving company (or make sure your car is ready for some heavy lifting), categorize all the belongings you are planning to take with you.

2. Notify everyone

There are a lot of places that require for you to state your most current address. It is really important to notify them about your change of address. Your friends and further family members should know about your moving too. In the era of internet, it is easier to connect with people, but your address is still an important information for keeping a contact.

3. Start packing with the basics

The first thing you should pack is the documents, as the closer the time of moving out is, the higher the chance of you forgetting about something in the heat of a moment. Prepare medications and the most important stuff separately from all the other things. This will make access to them right after moving much easier, and you won’t have to unpack all your stuff to get to something life saving.

4. Label your belongings

You probably will pack your stuff according to some categories (clothing with clothing, fragile items with other fragile items). It is important to mark all the stuff to make your unpacking much easier. This way you will also be able to easily get to the stuff you need in the moment, even before all the unpacking happens.

5. Deep clean your house

Another one of the things to do before moving into a new house is to make sure you don’t leave a mess behind you – either you’re selling your old house or keeping it, it will serve you well. This will help you to double check if you haven’t forgotten anything and will keep you from unnecessary journeys back and forth.

6. Check everything in the new house

Preparing a new house is also a pretty hard task. You need to check everything – from the fire alarms to the electricity and water, before starting your new life in this place. You can mentally prepare by imagining where to put the things you’re going to unpack, but it is really up to you.

7. Get your family ready

If you’re not alone, then every member of your family should know every part of the plan as well as you do. This will definitely reduce an overall level of chaos and will most likely result in fast and effective moving.

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