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HP Laptops You Should Consider Buying

Hewlett-Packard Company, better known simply as HP, is a well-renowned American tech company that has been innovating the industry for almost 80 years. Its talented engineers are responsible for some of the products that we use every day, and they continue to improve and create.

HP laptops and netbooks were among the first ones on the market. At the beginning, they were huge and heavy, yet portable computer was still a technological wonder. And now, there is a huge variety of different laptop models, all of which are state-of-the-art technology. A question arises – which one is HP’s best laptop? Look at these HP top notebooks and find out for yourself!

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1. Elitebook x360 G2

HP Elitebook series is the most expensive laptops of the company, yet they combine great power with sleek, thought-out design. Elitebook x360 G2 is not an exception, this slim and light laptop is really powerful, despite being able to transform into a tablet.

Being a business laptop, it is also packed with safety measures most businessman would appreciate, from a fingerprint scanner to a face recognition software. Overall, if you’re ready to spend some money on a laptop for business purposes – this model is just for you.

2. Pavilion G6

HP Pavilion is a medium-tier series of models that have decent specs, yet sometimes lack in design or battery life. HP Pavilion G6 is an older model in the series, yet it is still relevant in terms of the hardware. Furthermore, it has become much cheaper since its first appearance on the market. If you have nothing against a relatively cheap laptop with good performance, yet mediocre battery life and which is slightly big and heavy, Pavilion G6 should be your choice.

3. Chromebook 14

If you’re not a fan of Windows and would prefer something faster and lighter, the Chromebook is just for you. HP Chromebook 14 is less powerful, then other new HP laptop models, but its performance doesn’t really suffer from it. Great big bright display and pretty impressive sound system will allow you to use this laptop as a decent multimedia center. Bright designs will be a huge advantage for fun, outgoing users.

4. Envy 13

From somewhat older laptop models let’s jump to the newest ones. HP Envy 13 is a laptop that has been presented earlier this summer, and it seems to be the best HP Ultrabook yet. If you like these types of computers, you will love the design of this one. It has everything a powerful laptop should, its performance is amazing, and its battery life is one of the best among its rivals.

5. Pavilion 15

HP Pavilion 15 is one of the most incredible laptops the company has created over the years. Its hardware is really close to be the one of gaming laptops, yet its price is closer to medium prices of the Pavilion series (although a tad higher). It’s not meant to support all the newest games on Ultra graphic quality, but it will definitely manage them on Medium or even High. Pavilion 15 is also quite slim for such a powerful machine. Try it once and you will definitely want to buy it!

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