Couple Goals! Ice Berg Slim And Juliet Ibrahim Get Matching Tattoos!

There are many ways for a couple to express their love for one another. Some are temporary, like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Others are more permanent, like marriage. However, no declaration of love is as permanent as a matching couple tattoos.

Juliet Ibrahim and her beau Ice Berg Slim were the latest couples to commemorate their love for each other through identical tattoos. Since what they got and check out some fresh ideas for cute couple tattoos.

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1. Ice Berg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim love story

Juliet Ibrahim, the Ghanaian actress, and Ice Berg Slim, the Nigerian rapper, have been together for exactly one year. The couple went on a vacation to Washington DC, USA, for a romantic couple retreat. The two lovebirds went away to celebrate not only the one year anniversary but also Ice Berg’s birthday.

While vacationing in Washington, Juliet and Ice Berg were looking for a way to make their love seen to other people. Their solution was not one, but two matching tattoos, which you’re about to see right now.

2. Ice Berg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim tattoos

What other teams could the couple choose for their theme other than love? The couple decided to go one step further and get two sets of identical tattoos. The first one is instantly noticeable: LO on Ice Berg’s arm and VE on Juliet’s arm so that together the tattoo would spell LOVE.

The second tattoo is a much more dainty one – it’s two finely painted hearts on both of the lovebirds’ wrists. This tattoo may not be the most eye-catching one, but it’s another proof of the couple’s eternal love.

3. Cute couple tattoos

If you feel inspired by Ice Berg and Juliet’s new beautiful tattoos and want to get a matching set with your sweetheart, here are some of the most adorable couple tattoo designs found online.

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