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Bismid Cosmetics: 5 Best Products

Bismid is one of the longest operating beauty brands in Nigeria, but, despite being active since 2000, Bismid is very good at adapting to the latest skin care and beauty trends. The brand focuses on developing technologically advanced skin care products for all skin types and ages.

Every single one of Bismid Cosmetics products have thousands of fans who love the brand for its quality, luxury packaging, and efficiency of their products. Check out Bismid products reviews for 5 of their most popular items!

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1. Bismid Extra Whitening Night Face Cream

Everyone understands the importance of applying skin care products before sleep. They have 7+ hours to work, which means that in most cases they’re more effective than day creams.Plus, your skin regenerates during the night and responds better to treatment.

This Bismid night face cream is especially popular with buyers thanks to its mild yet efficient whitening action provided by kojic acid and glutathione, and its ability to improve the state and look of the skin with regular use. The elegant gold and black packaging will effortlessly elevate the appearance of your bathroom!

2. Bismid 24k Gold Facial Whitening Soap

Another best seller in Bismid’s range of whitening products is the 24k gold facial soap. Enriched with 24k gold and essential oils, this soap effectively cleanses the skin, preparing it for the next stages of your skin care routine.

In addition to flawless cleansing properties, Bismid 24k gold soap has also proven to be quite effective against dark spots and excessive pigmentation. It not only lightens the existing spots but also prevents the appearance of new ones.

3. Bismid Lightening Firming Body Bath

Having a relaxing bath in the evening after a day of hard work is the ultimate pleasure for millions of women, but the ability to vastly improve the state of your skin while taking a bath makes the procedure even better.

Bismid Multi-Vitamin Whitening Bubble Bath is infused with valuable multi-vitamins and whitening agents. In addition to refreshing your skin, this body wash also improves your complexion, making it glowing and smooth. Use it both in baths and in showers for maximum effect.

4. Bismid Tea Tree Oil

The healing and beautifying properties of tea tree oil are known to every skin care enthusiast. Tea tree oil can help you get rid of acne, remove skin imperfections, treat nail fungus, act as an antiseptic on small wounds and cuts, and forget about bad breath.

Bismid’s tea tree oil is a simple yet very effective solution to numerous skin problems. There is a place for tea tree oil in every Nigerian medicine cabinet, so make sure not to miss out on its amazing properties!

5. Bismid Snow White Cream

It’s clear that skin whitening is what Bismid does best. According to every single Snow White Bismid cream review, this product is one of the best-selling lightening products in the Nigerian market. Its mild yet noticeable lightening effect is its main advantage, but in addition to gently whitening the skin, the Snow White cream will also leave your face soft and radiant, so that everyone will immediately notice a change in your appearance.

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