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7 Most Common Lies About Nigerian Hair

People sometimes believe extremely weird things. Some of the most ridiculous myths about Nigerian hair include the common belief that if you cut your hair ends more often your hair will grow faster. So if you want to grow your natural hair to create some fashionable Nigerian hairstyles for long hair – read this post where we are going to bust the silliest myths about your hair!

Moreover, we will inform you how to make your hair grow faster in the most natural way!

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1. If you cut your hair often it will grow much faster

In fact, cutting just makes your hair shorter and helps you to get rid of split ends. Cutting off the split ends is essential if you want your hair to look neat but don’t do it every week – it’s just pointless!

2. Growing your hair with the help of natural products is quite costly

Few people know that it’s not true, so they end up buying really expensive products like Hairfinity, Groganics, Shea moisture and Aphogee. However, their hair doesn’t grow as fast as they expected. Using brands is ok but be attentive to what your hair says.

Find out what works for your hair and use it. Examine the ingredients on the cover instead of looking at the brand name. Natural ingredients are just perfect for creating natural hairstyles!

3. Wash your hair as seldom as possible to boost its growth

A lot of women claim that when they stop washing their hair for months in a row, their hair starts growing faster. In fact, the frequency of washing has absolutely no effect on the speed of hair growth whatsoever.

Experiment and find out how often you should wash your hair for it to look its best!

4. Using hair cream enhances your hair growth

A lot of mass-produced hair creams contain mineral oil or petrolatum. These are extremely harmful substances that will dry your hair thus damaging it. It’s much more preferable to use a quality leave-in conditioner or some natural hair oils.

The products made for black women normally contain petroleum and mineral oil because these ingredients make our hair shiny and they are very cheap. So even when you are buying an expensive branded hair product and the ingredient list includes this component, leave the product on the shelf.

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5. Relaxers don’t just Make your Hair More Manageable but enhance its growth as well

In fact, relaxers have zero effect on hair growth. When you relax your hair it may look longer – but this is only due to less shrinkage.

6. Unless you are multiracial, your hair cannot grow

If this was true, we would not have so many hairstyles in Nigeria made with naturally long hair! The real problem is awful hair care practices of many Nigerian women.

They often damage their own hair and scalp thus hindering the growth of their hair. Acquire healthy hair care habits and you’ll definitely notice positive results!

7. Your Hair Grows Faster if you Rub Grease into it as well as into your Scalp

In fact, your scalp is able to produce oil on its own. If your scalp tends to be drier than usual, try natural oils like jojoba, sweet almond, coconut or olive. They absorb easily and do not leave your hair greasy if you use a small amount of them.

Heavy oils should be avoided (especially directly on the scalp) as they act in the same way as mineral oil and petroleum.

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