Vacation Time! 7 Vacation Essentials You Had No Idea You Could Find On Jiji!

There are many reasons to love the summer, but vacation may be the most anticipated and beloved summer activity ever. Vacations are planned months ahead, and we put great effort into planning an ideal vacation.

An essential part of vacation planning is packing the necessities. We all have our own must-have things to pack for a vacation: some can’t leave home without a full makeup bag, while others insist on drinking only from their special cup. However, some things are universal, and here is a top-7 packing list for a vacation that works for everyone!

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1. Sunglasses

If you already know about the damage UV lights can do to your eyesight, you probably don’t wear the house without your sunglasses. That is why it’s important to include at least one pair of sunglasses into your packing list for travel – or two pairs in case the first one accidentally gets lost.

2. Digital camera

There is no awesome vacation without hundreds of photos – that’s just a fact. Of course, you can always take photos with your mobile phone, but, given the lower quality of photos produced by a smartphone, it’s always better to use digital cameras, unless you don’t have the time to take out the camera for an urgent shot.

3. Headphones

A pair of headphones is another vacation essential with dozens of possible uses that you should consider while deciding what to pack for a trip. You can wear them to block out the sounds during your flight or bus trip. Then you can use your headphones to enjoy your favorite music while you’re sunbathing. Finally, you can watch an episode of your favorite TV show before sleep in your new headphones.

4. Swimwear

If like most people in the summer, you are traveling to the seaside, or plan to visit the swimming pool at your hotel, a swimsuit is definitely a must-have. You can bring two and change into a new pair after swimming since not all swimwear dries up quickly enough.

5. Phone case

There must be nothing more frustrating during a summer trip to the seaside than having your phone break down in the middle of a vacation due to exposure to water. It happens even to the most careful phone owners, so the best solution is including one of the trendy waterproof phone cases you can buy online into your packing list.

6. Powerbank

A dying phone battery is another very frustrating thing that can happen during a vacation. When you’re enjoying the beach and there is no way to charge a phone without going back to your room, a small and practical power bank can solve this problem and give you a whole day of uninterrupted phone use.

7. Book

Even though your mobile phone can host hundreds of books and magazines, you can also entertain yourself on a vacation the old-fashioned way – with the help your favorite book or a brand new bestseller. Pack a couple of books and novels into your vacation suitcase and you’ll never get bored even if your phone dies!

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