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Latest Ankara Long Gown Styles 2017

There’s no doubt that Ankara fabric is the most popular clothing material in Nigeria. There are hundreds of ways to rock your favorite Ankara print, but long dresses made with Ankara are by far the most sophisticated way to do it.

Ankara long gown styles come in every shape and length imaginable and can be worn anywhere, from walks at the beach to high-end weddings. Check out the latest long Ankara gown ideas and find your new favorite style for this summer!



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1. Off-shoulder gowns

One of the favorite Ankara long gown styles 2017 for millions of Nigerian ladies is off-shoulder dresses, which are the perfect combination of exquisite and sexy. The open shoulder style allows you to feel cooler in scorching heat while also helping you follow the latest fashion trends.

While rocking one of the off-shoulder Nigerian long dress styles, it’s best to keep your hair down, so that it would serve as your unique fashion accessory. However, an intricate updo is also a great choice for special occasions.

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Ankara long gown styles 2017

2. Mermaid gowns

The mermaid long gown styles remain the most popular choice among Nigerian and international celebrities who can’t get enough of this style on the red carpet. It’s perfectly understandable, as a mermaid gown adds beautiful curves to your figure while also slimming you down.

Ankara long dresses with the sophisticated mermaid cut require a special occasion, so if you don’t have a red carpet event to attend, but have been invited to a luxury wedding, wear a mermaid gown to become the best-dressed guests of the whole event!

Ankara long dresses

long gown styles

3. Lace and chiffon gowns

One of the hottest trends in the latest Ankara long gown styles is the combination of the traditional Ankara fabric with some of the other popular Nigerian materials like lace and chiffon. You can add a chiffon train to your latest ankara gown styles 2017, decorate the neckline with lace detailing, or design your own way to pair these fabrics in the most fashionable way.

latest Ankara long gown styles

4. Ankara Aso Ebi

Perhaps, the most stunning gown in every Nigerian lady’s wardrobe is an Aso Ebi, which is an outfit that is worn only to the most special occasions. It’s not surprising that Ankara fabric is often seen in Aso Ebi designs as the leading and most noticeable element.

Thanks to the wide variety of Aso Ebi long Ankara styles, you can easily find an outfit that matches the theme of the wedding and your own taste, creating a look that will certainly attract the attention of every single wedding guest.

Aso Ebi long Ankara styles

5. Boubou gowns

The boubou style is clothing is very close to the Agbada style, which is very popular among Nigerian ladies of all ages. Ankara Boubou styles can be a very stylish addition to your wardrobe, especially if you accessorize it with a trendy handbag and jewelry. Even though Boubou is considered to be a style designed mainly for mature women, these latest Ankara long gown styles can look good on anyone!

Boubou gowns

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