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Nissan NV350 VS Toyota Hiace: The Battle Of The Titans

Since it was released on the market last June NV350 Caravan has taken the third place in monthly sales, having sold more than 6000 cars. How close can Caravan approach the undisputed leader Toyota Hiace getting 80% of market share?

Let’s take a look at this detailed comparison of the Nissan NV350 VS Toyota Hiace, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these vans and make our own conclusions!

Note: data collected from the most authoritative automotive websites, such as Consumerguide, JDpower, Edmunds, CarComplaints, CarGurus, Kelley Blue Book, TrueDelta and others.

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1. Nissan Caravan specifications

  • Fuel Type: Regular gasoline;
  • Body type: 3 rows of seats;
  • Transmission type: automatic transmission 4;
  • Drive Type: Rear (FR);
  • Supercharger: -;
  • Engine displacement: 1998 cc;
  • Power: 120 hp;
  • Maximum torque, N*m (kg*m) at 171 (17)/2800 rpm;
  • Tank capacity: 65 litres;
  • Number of doors: 4;
  • Weight: 1660 kg;
  • Length of a body: 4690 mm;
  • Body height: 1990 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 2415 mm;
  • Clearance (ride height): 170 mm;
  • Rear wheels: 195/80R15 (front 103/101L LT rear 107/105L LT);
  • Number of seats: 14.

Overall Rating:

  • Exterior – 7.5;
  • Interior – 7.2;
  • Engine – 8.6;
  • Running gear – 8.1.

2. Toyota Hiace specifications:

  • Fuel Type: Diesel;
  • Body type: 3 rows of seats;
  • Transmission type: automatic transmission 4;
  • Drive Type: Full 4WD;
  • Supercharger: turbine;
  • Engine displacement: 2982 cc;
  • Power: 130 hp;
  • Maximum torque, N*m(kg*m) at 289 (29)/2000 rpm;
  • Tank capacity: 70 litres;
  • Number of doors: 4;
  • Curb weight: 2040 kg;
  • Body length: 4640 mm;
  • Body height: 1985 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 2330 mm;
  • Clearance (ride height): 180 mm;
  • Rear wheels: 215/70R15;
  • Number of seats: 12.

Overall Rating:

  • Exterior- 7.7;
  • Interior – 7.6;
  • The engine – 8.4;
  • Running gear – 8.2.

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3. Nissan nv350 advantages and disadvantages


  • Spacious and comfortable interior;
  • Quick and convenient transformation of the compartment from cargo mode to passenger and back;
  • Good circular visibility;
  • Maneuverable;
  • The pass-ability is noticeably better than that of analogue vans;
  • Good cargo-carrying capacity – even more than promised by the manufacturer;
  • Folding seats;
  • Fuel-efficient;
  • Reliable;
  • Extremely durable chassis;
  • Two body stiffeners;
  • Nissan NV350 engine specs are ideal for a car of this level: the engine is powerful, features a moderate fuel consumption and good dynamics!


  • Can feel somewhat bumpy when running empty;
  • The right wheel;
  • No downshift and wheel lock;
  • The passenger seats in the middle of the salon are not comfortable;
  • It is difficult to get close to some of the engine nodes;
  • Weak wheel bearings;
  • Poor white lighting devices;
  • The spare parts are quite expensive.

4. Pros & cons: Toyota Hiace review


  • Comfortable warm interior that can be easily transformed into a sleeping place;
  • Excellent cross-country pass ability;
  • Manoeuvrable;
  • Fast;
  • Spacious;
  • Very good turning radius, it is convenient to park;
  • The visibility is amazing;
  • It is unpretentious in operation;
  • High ground clearance.


  • High consumption (15 liters) as for a diesel engine;
  • The windows in the salon do not open;
  • Noisy;
  • Imperfect cooling system;
  • There is not enough engine power for overtaking;
  • Susceptible to unevenness on the road;
  • Expensive maintenance.

5. Conclusive comparison of Nissan NV350 VS Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace can fit 12 passengers while Nissan Caravan’s capacity is only 10 people. Nissan Caravan has a better visibility than Toyota Hiace and the cars differ in their shape. Hiace Van can be used as a school or security van, for cargo transportation and even as an ambulance.

Most Nissan Caravan NV350 reviews claim that this van is amazingly powerful. Both cars feature four doors and a stick shift. They also have 3 rows of seats and front-air conditioning.

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