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List Of 10 Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria With Small Capital

Each country has its own market niche where every talented beginning businessman can take his or her place even if it is highly competitive. Another question is where he or she can get some start-up capital from.How to make money online in Nigeria fast

So, if you do not want to work for anybody but desperately want to start a small scale business in Nigeria with minimal investment – you will find ideas on how to do it in this post!

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Roadside Fast Food Corner

Roadside Fast Food Corner

People will never stop wanting to eat, so a business in food is a time-proven money-making business idea. Make sure you provide high quality menu, offer generous servings and find your personal style in the culinary world in order to succeed in this sphere.

Second Hand Products

Second Hand bussines

Most people are willing spend less for decent things. Selling second hand things is a lucrative business in Nigeria if you are aware of the customers’ demand. Another important requirement is to find good suppliers. To be successful make quality your credo, don’t overprice your product and, last but not the least, – make your clients happy!

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Beads making

Beads making

Making bead necklaces and bracelets is one of the easiest businesses to start in Nigeria! You can learn how to do it with almost no effort at all. You probably even know people who can do it already. It costs only #200 to make an item and it can be sold for as much as #1000. Thus, your net profit will make 80%. It’s really worth thinking about it.

Website Designing

Website Designing

This is one of the fastest developing and promising businesses not only in Nigeria, but all over the world as well. Starting a business in website developing, you’ll have to be aware of online processes, marketing theory, SEO technologies and legal issues. This is a lucrative business of the future!

Moreover, if you’re interested in online business in Nigeria, this option is ideal because you can work from the comfort of your home.

Sports viewing centre

Sports viewing centre

If you have some vacant premises in your area, you could use them for a sport viewing centre. The number of young people who are crazy about sports is large and growing every day. Take this opportunity especially now when the EPL season is approaching.


Tutoring business

Tutoring is one of the best ideas for a small business in Nigeria with low capital.

There’s a serious shortage of decent schools in Nigeria and this explains the demand for competent tutors. It doesn’t have to be one of the academic subjects. You can teach young learner any skill you have – play a musical instrument, draw, play sports, dance or design jewellery. This can be quite a profitable modern internet business in Nigeria, so take your chance!

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Birds can breed fast; they don’t require any complicated care and quickly grow to be sold for meat.

Simply start off small and grow your business quite fast to have a profitable business in Nigeria.

Tech Support Online

Tech Support Online

You don’t need any large investments or extraordinary technical competence to do this. You can have you pockets full of cash in no time if you decide to become an online tech supporter. You can even outsource the actual work to a third party.

Petty trading

Petty trading

This is quite a competitive sphere but still there’s a high chance of succeeding if you choose the product correctly. Find the product that is not sold yet and become successful!

Barbing/hair salon

hair salon bussines

Among numerous hot business ideas in Nigeria opening a barbing/hair salon takes a decent place because everybody wants to look their best. You will need to spend some cash to get the essentials and then start making lots of money!

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