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Celebrities Christmas Photos 2016

Christmas time is over and so Instagram is full of fresh photos from the private celebrities’ life. Some went on vacation, some stayed home in the warm circle of their family members, and some got engaged! So let’s find out what special events the Christmas of 2016 has brought.

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This year Beyonce has impressed everyone with her revealing outlook. For all of her admirers, she one more time she has highlighted her perfect figure.



Drake is sending some bitten lips together with his friend sending duck lips.


Kim Kardashian

Kim, as always, was shining in a fashion golden dress showing and emphasizing all her beauty.


Obama Family

On last day in a presidential role, Obama congratulated the people of America and went celebrating Christmas to his native place, Hawaii.


Cristiano Ronaldo

This Christmas turned out to a themed party for Cristiano Ronaldo.


Jennifer Lopez

Who would you imagine was there with Cristiano? JayLo in her own person!



No time for celebrating – time to sing and entertain his fans!


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and her ample curves for Christmas.


And Merry Christmas from Donald Trump


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