Wash Your Car Like A Pro

What a difference a simple car wash can make – this is a sentiment that is familiar to every car owner. If you want your car to look as new and presentable as possible, especially if you’re going to sell your car on JiJi, there is no better way to maintain its appearance than regular car wash. However, taking your car to a professional car wash can be quite expensive, but there is nothing to worry about – with our simple tips and a few affordable tools you will master the art of car wash and keep your beloved car looking gorgeous.

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What you need

Car wash is a bit like house cleaning – of course, you’re going to need some essential tools and substances, but nothing is more important than your skills and experience that will come after you wash your car for a few times. So, to give your car a proper wash you’ll need car wash soap, which is the most important thing required for washing a car. This special soap is very powerful yet mild, which guarantees easy elimination of grease and dirt without damaging the car’s paintwork. Additionally, you’ll need a pair of gloves, a dry soft cloth, a hose, a sponge, and two buckets.



If it’s possible, wash your car on a cloudy day – if it’s too hot and sunny outside, your car will dry up too quickly, which may cause streaks of water and soap on the car’s body and windows. To avoid getting water inside your car interior, make sure the windows and doors are properly closed.

Washing your car

Start your car wash with pouring water all over the car with the help of a hose – getting the whole car wet makes it ready for the next steps of the cleaning. Take your first bucket, fill it with water and add some of the car-wash soap. Dip your sponge into the soapy water and begin washing the car. The best way to go is from the top down; don’t try to cover large sections at a time – go slowly from one section to another, and don’t forget to hose down every section you’re satisfied with before moving on to the next one.

Car Washing

It’s very important to keep the whole car wet while cleaning various parts of the car – that way you’ll avoid getting streaks all over the car’s body. Leave the dirtiest parts of the vehicle, which are usually the wheels and the lower body work, until last – only after you’re done with the rest of the car, you can move on to those parts. In fact, by the time you get to the dirtiest sections of the car, the dirt will already be partially dissolved by the soapy water coming down from the top.

The final step in a basic car wash is getting your car absolutely dry with the help of a dry cloth. Skipping this step results in soapy and mineral residue being left all over the car. If necessary, you can use several dry cloths – however many it takes to leave your car looking flawlessly. This is it – a simple car wash won’t take you more than an hour and won’t require any expensive materials or tools. Of course, you can always go an extra mile by polishing and waxing your car in order to maintain the shiny cleanliness for as long as possible, or you can give up and take your car to a professional car wash, but if you’re truly passionate about your car and want to be able to enjoy its beautiful appearance for many years, you’ll understand how important yet easy car wash at home is!

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