Unique Christmas DIY Presents For Relatives & Friends

What is the best Christmas present??

Maybe some kind of Christmas decor – or jewellery, which is always an appropriate present? Or maybe, a high performance computer for entertainment – or even ordering an event?



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Giving gifts at Christmas is as good as receiving them! Especially if you haven’t bought a gift in a shop, but have made some efforts and created it with your own hands!


And don`t be afraid that your present will be not as beautiful as you imagined – the fact that necklace is a little bumpy, and the knitted bear looks more like a dog, will make your relatives and friends smile with tender!

Let’s see what magical things you can create with your own fair hands – Go to the next page!

Christmas trees made of branches

During Christmas time, we all want festive decor everywhere: on walls, tables, windows, etc. The best option for that are all kinds of trees` branches – this way you get a very natural and alive decor.

Even if it doesn`t suit to the interior style of your house, don`t reject this idea: you can paint branches in white, gold or silver colors, add some decor, some lights and glitter and transform them beyond recognition:)

We have chosen for you the most interesting ideas for imitation of branches and trees:





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Master-class for creating tree-picture of branches:





Well, it`s high time for you to visit forests and parks!

A wreath of clothespins

If you don’t have time or aspiration to make a wreath of fir branches or other suitable materials, you can make it from ordinary linen clothespins. Such wreath looks fascinating and unusual.


You will need:

  • a set of clothespins;
  • green spray paint;
  • hanger from wire;
  • red beads;
  • an empty cardboard box;
  •  glue gun;
  • a piece of red ribbon;
  • nippers

Firstly, you have to prepare clothespins – carefully fix them on the edge of empty cardboard and paint them in green color. It is advisable to make it several times so that color will be vivid and deep. Then let it dry (for several hours).

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Make a circle from your hanger.

????? ?? ???????? ??? ????? 2

When the clothespins will be dry, attach them to the wire, alternating them with beads.

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When the circle will be almost filled, glue its edges with a glue gun.

????? ?? ???????? ??? ????? 5

Fix the piece of ribbon at the place of gluing. Form a beautiful bow from the remaining piece of ribbon and glue it to the glued ribbon.

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Garland of pompons

Decorative pompons garland can become a stylish decoration for any blank wall in the room.

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You will need:

  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • thick white yarn;
  • thin white yarn;
  • sleigh bells.

Firstly, cut the cardboard circles. Outer diameter of each circle should be 15 cm, and internal – 5 cm. Fold the circles together and wrap them with thick yarn until you close the inner hole of the circles.

???????? ?? ???????? 2

Then cut the yarn at the edges, scissors ends should be between the cardboard circles.

Then wrap the yarn around the inner parts of the pompon forcing it between the two cardboard circles and tie in a knot. Thus, the middle of your pompon will remain fixed.

After this step, you can cut the cardboard circles, removing them. Now straighten out pompons, connect them using a needle with a fine yarn, and placing one sleigh bell between each pompon.

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Hang your fancy garland on the wall in several layers.

Bath bombs

Homemade “bombs” filled with aromatic oils and pleasant for skin starch is a great present for those who love splashing around in the bathtub.

???????? ??? ?????? 1

The easiest “bombs” recipe:

  • take 2 cups of soda;
  • a cup of citric acid and corn (or potato) starch;
  • 5 cup of sea salt;
  • 2 tbsp. of any oil (olive, coconut, walnut, etc.);
  • 1-2 tsp of any essential oil;
  • colorant.

???????? ??? ?????? 2

???????? ??? ?????? 3

You can also add:

  • herbs;
  • coconut chips;
  • ground coffee, etc.

The main thing is not to add too much of it, otherwise you won`t be able to form the bombs.


Thoroughly mix the ingredients, then add base oil, essential oil and colorant.

Shake the mixture to a creamy consistency and mix it with starch-soda mass, adding it by drop in the center and gradually mixing. If your mass doesn’t` crumble – you can form the bombs, if it splits – sprinkle it with water and mix it again.

???????? ??? ?????? 5

For forming your bombs you can use special forms or anything you have at home: ice cream spoon, Kinder Surprise egg… Finally, let them dry on a napkin until they become hard as a rock and you can start packing them!

???????? ??? ?????? 6

Christmas tree under snow

A great mini present that reminds of snowy winter – just like in a fairy tale!

???? ??? ?????? 1

You will need:

  • transparent glass bowl with a lid;
  • a small fir tree;
  • artificial snow (or a glitter);
  • glue (hot glue gun).

Choose a bowl where you can place a small fir tree:

  • Remove the lid and glue a small fir tree inside.

???? ??? ?????? DIY 1

  • 4550db08870c2984fdec3e0a07ca8e4fPut some artificial snow in a bowl.
  • Carefully close the lid with glued tree and turn the jar.

???? ??? ?????? DIY 2


  • Shake the bowl, so that the snow fell on a magical Christmas tree.

???? ??? ?????? DIY 3


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