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Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Technology Fans

Christmas is the best time of the year – no one can argue with that. We spend the whole December getting ready for Christmas, planning a Christmas meal, choosing a festive outfit, and, of course, buying presents for our loved ones. With the variety of goods you can find on websites like JiJi, making the right choice when shopping for presents can be tough, but we will help you take the best decision with our guide of 5 coolest Christmas gifts for tech fans.

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1. A new smartphone

Who doesn’t own a smartphone in this day and age? Well, if one of your relatives of friends still walks around with an old mobile phone, a new smartphone can be the perfect present for him. Also, if your friend has been complaining about his smartphone being too old, you can surprise him with a new smartphone too! On JiJi there are thousands of models for you to choose from: you can get an iPhone, a Blackberry, an HTC, a Samsung, a Sony, or LG. You can also go for one of the most popular smartphone brands in Nigeria right now – Tecno smartphones are a great combination of affordability and functionality.

2. A tablet PC

What’s not to like about a tablet PC? It’s like a personal computer that can fit into a bag and that you can take everywhere with you. There are so many things a tablet PC can do: you can take and browse photos, use the Internet, play games, listen to music, watch movies or TV, create documents, do some work, etc. If you feel your loved ones will appreciate a gift of a tablet PC, welcome to JiJi, where you can find thousands of tablet PC from the world’s most renowned brands like Apple, HTC, Tecno, Samsung, Sony, and Lenovo.


3. A smart watch

Smart watches haven’t been around for as long as smartphones and tablet PCs, but they have already gained a huge following. Essentially, a smart watch is your tiny digital assistant you can wear on your wrist. Depending on the brand and model, your smart watch can be used for answering calls, reading text messages, managing music, counting steps and calories, track your sleep, or use your phone remotely. JiJi has a wide variety of smart watches that you absolutely need to check out if you want your present to be cool, modern and appealing.


4. A power bank

How many times has your smartphone or tablet PC failed you by having a dead battery because you forgot to charge it at home? Bet it happened to your friends and relatives too, and that is a problem that is easily solved by a power bank. This small box with several USB outlets lets you charge any device on the go, without having to look for a source of electricity. All you need to do is charge the power bank once in a while, and you’ll be able to enjoy being able to charge your smartphone wherever you are. Give a power bank as a gift to your technology-obsessed friend and he won’t be happier!


5. A gaming console

Even if none of your friends or family members is a hardcore gamer, a gaming console can be a delightful present for anyone, no matter if they’re kids or adults. With the variety of video games that come out every month a game console owner will never be bored, so if you want to give an unforgettable gift to your loved ones, check out the video games and consoles on JiJi, where you can find new and used consoles from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, sold by genuine sellers at super affordable prices!


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