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Top 10 Everyday Beauty Secrets That Won’t Make You Go To Expense

Even when modern business lady is out of time, she still finds the time to make herself beautiful. And if everything is OK with time, but is not OK with money: high-quality cosmetics is a notable item in the family budget.


How to perfectly care of your hair and skin and spend minimal amount of money on this?

In this post you will find dozens of products, that cost almost nothing, but an effect is just as good as if you used branded cosmetics!


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Camellia oil mask

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Lightly heat a tablespoon of oil and apply to wet hair, spreading over the entire length, paying attention to tips. Leave on for about half an hour, then wash hair with any shampoo.


For centuries the Japanese have used the magical properties of camellia oil that contains proteins and oleic acid: both substances excellently penetrate into the hair structure, add volume and smooth the hair.

Mustard powder mask

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Make a mixture from mustard powder and castor oil. Apply to wet hair, and rinse in half an hour. Make this mask two times a week.


Silky, soft and strong healthy hair.

Apple vinegar conditioner

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Take 1 part of apple vinegar, 4 parts of water. To make your hair stronger, you can add a few drops of oil of sage.


Regular cider vinegar hair rinse will make your hair shiny and controllable.

You can add it to shampoos to prevent dandruff, degreasing the hair roots, stimulation of hair growth.

Liquid for rinsing hair with mint oil

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Add a couple of mint oil drops (5 drops per liter) to water and rinse your hair after shampooing.


Effectively combats dandruff, gives incredible freshness and lightness and even relieves headaches.

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Face skin

A mixture of glycerin and vitamin E


Take 30 grams of glycerin, add 10 capsules of vitamin ? (make a small hole in capsule and pour the oil into the bottle).

Before applying the product, be sure to clean the skin of the face and make a gentle massage with a soft brush.


Smoothens the wrinkles, evens the skin tone. A very effective remedy for “crow’s feet” in the corners of your eyes.

Anti-age mask

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Add white clay to crushed into powder oats, rice bran, finely shredded seaweed and chamomile flowers. Add one teaspoon of jojoba oil, rosehip, Chamomile oil and a little water. The mass should be thick like a paste. Gently rub it into the skin and leave on for fifteen minutes, then rinse off.


Makes the skin look like a velvet.

Body skin

Skin cleanser


Mix one glass of sea salt (or usual salt), add 1 glass of fat sour cream. After the shower massage body using these mixture, then rinse with warm water. You can repeat the procedure each time you are having a shower.


Salt removes dead skin particles and disinfect the skin. If you have small pimples, they will soon remain in the past. Sour cream softens the effect of salt, the mixture doesn`t scrape the delicate skin and nourishes the cells.

Coffee sugar and vanilla mixture

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Take all the ingredients in equal proportions. Regularly clean the rough skin on feet and elbows using this mixture.


Pleasant vanilla aroma, antioxidant and tonic coffee effect, and cleaning properties of sugar crystals give the skin extraordinary smoothness.

Olive oil for softening

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If you want to keep your elbows and knees from dryness and darkening, you can use an olive oil. Repeat this procedure twice a day. Pay special attention to these parts of your body when you take a shower, rub them longer than other parts of the body.


Even tone, softness.

Butter for softening skin

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Buy yourself socks from natural fabric – cotton and cotton wool. After the shower, before you go to sleep, apply on your feet and legs a mixture of butter and couple drops of mint oil. Then put your socks on and go to bed.


In a month, everyone will envy your soft, silky skin!


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