The Most Popular Specializations In Nigeria In 2015-2016

Sometimes it is rather hard for some specialists to find a job. But there are several professions that are highly demanded in Nigeria.


As always, we are trying to be useful to you, that`s why we`ve collected the information about the jobs that were in demand in 2015 and won`t lose their position in 2016 as well.


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Every market continually changes and the labor market is not an exception. The only way to stay in trend is to constantly follow the changes. So, today in Nigeria it is easier to find jobs in following professions:

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Software and Web developer

Web 2

The possibilities for specialization within the computer science field are wide, and new specializations continue to evolve as advances are made in computer hardware and software and as more applications for computer technology are discovered.

Web 3

These specializations have become highly demanded in the African market and in Nigeria in particular. Localized websites and software markets continue to grow. It creates new vacancies for designers, programmers and other IT professionals.

Average software manager can easily get nearly N200,000.

Web 1


Lawyer 1

The practice of law is a very big field in Nigeria. The first point to start with is that when a lawyer gets qualified to practice law in Nigeria, there are no restrictions on what area of law he/she can practice in. Therefore, lawyers in Nigeria can pick and choose whatever area he/she wants to operate in.

Lawyer 2

There are plenty of jobs for lawyers. If you are a lawyer, it does not mean you should work only in the court. They are demanded in a lot of private and public sectors. All successful companies need a good lawyer.

Lawyer 3
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Dentist 1

This course in the university lasts for 6 years. Students learn major medical courses and a dental course alongside. All students are permitted to diagnose all diseases like a medical doctor, but their specialization is oral health. There are less than 20,000 dentists in Nigeria, so this profession is highly needed and well-paid. So it is a great choice.

Dentist 3

It`s important to mention that there is Nigerian Dental Association (NDA), the authoritative national voice of dentistry, a non-governmental and non-profit oriented organization dedicated to the representation and advancement of the profession, nationally and internationally, and to the achievement of optimal oral health.

Dentist 2


Doctor 1

Developing countries like face dire shortage of medical manpower due to brain drain. Young doctors intending to specialize usually prefer certain specialties and sub-specialties to the neglect of others. This creates avoidable gaps in health care delivery.

Doctor 2

Dentists are in a better situation than doctors. It is explained by the fact that only 25 students are admitted for this specialization annually. And as for another doctors – there are nearly 100 students admitted. But nevertheless doctors are in high demand as well.

Doctor 3

Real Estate

broker 2

Dealing with properties has always been a profitable job. It is unimportant whether you deal with shopping centers or mansions. Around the world, a lot of markets are over-saturated.

broker 3

But the African market has tremendous opportunity for growth. In Nigeria, according to experts, this is a period of rapid expansion. So you should use your chance.

broker 1


Teach 3

Education can be a pretty good choice too. There are plenty of educational centers and private schools that have vacancies. Some big private schools are ready to pay more than N200,000 per month to teacher. So if you have passion for a job in the education sector – follow your dreams.

Teach 1

Nigeria’s private international schools hire educators of all levels, from classroom teachers to administrators. Private international schools may teach local or foreign curriculum, or a mix of both. Involvement with extra-curricular activities is often encouraged for teachers.

Teach 2

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