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Summing Up The 2015 Year

photoLate December is  not only a time of planning Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration with chaotic bustle of buying gifts and festive attributes. It is also a time to summarize outgoing year. For what?

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Firstly, it is important to assess the amount of done work and to understand what will happened, if you missed something, what mistakes you made, and what successes you achieved. 10The findings will help to effectively achieve the goals in the future and avoid same mistakes. Secondly, summing up the past year, you will be able to set goals for the future, taking into account already achieved to change strategy and to make right desitions.
It is better to sum up in writing: you freen your head from oppressive thoughts about the failures, and better structure the information for the future.472026eae249d64bbeb082c435b38234For convenience, you can use the following algorithm:

1. What did you attain?
2. What goals you did not achieve and now you are disappointed of it?
3. What lessons you have learned?
4. What did you do well?
5. What did you do wrong?
6. What was the most valuable to you?
7. What was the biggest obstacle on your way?

stock-footage-african-american-parents-child-outdoors-photo-messaging-portrait-happy-young-african-americanIf you owned information, you know now, you would:
1. From what projects you would like to refuse, without starting?
2. For what business activities you would not spend time?
3. What kind of relationship would like to interrupt?
Answering to these questions, you will be able to understand on what things wasted your time.Take another peace of paper and answer on next questions:
1. What good things happened with you in 2015? Answer in the form of a list.
2. For what you are grateful to this year? Write the answer in the form of a list.
And don’t forget to draw  the Table of Advances:
Column 1: What difficulties you managed to overcome this year?
Column 2: What conclusions you have made in this situation?
Column 3: What experience you got, what important thing you have learned?

This algorithm not only help you to make conclusions, remember to achievements, but also improve mood, help to find answers on your questions about failures and setbacks.


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