Top 3 Psychological Reasons Of Laziness

http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/42290000/jpg/_42290996_adjumani_man_ug416.jpgEveryone sometimes can be lazy. Or not sometimes. At least once a day you experienced an oppressive feeling when there is an urgent need to complete a job or start a new project, but something inside opposed to this. And reasons of mind to do this have no magical effects. Everyone felt remorse, and hear  insulting word “lazy” in one’s address. Traditionally it is taken to deal with laziness, breaking own careless nature. However, laziness – it is a signal of the psyche that something went wrong. So just need to understand the origin of this psychological phenomenon, to live in harmony with it.


The laziness mechanism turns on when our subconscious mind begins to classify the work as a useless resources wasting, even if the person knowingly understands the importance and the need to perform the job. This can happen for several reasons.

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http://cdn.playbuzz.com/cdn/77b600d9-649b-4040-9990-2a43f66bb67c/48c14b9d-ca3e-4541-87e9-4e32831a97d6.jpgFirstly, due to lack of motivation. Truly intrinsic motivation rather than external compulsion. For example, lazy husband, who nags his wife, because he is not able to feed family. It can be any number of his “I want” to find a job, but as he does not feel his own responsibility and internal desire to earn money, to be wealthy and confident for the future, he will not work for a decent salary. It is important to realize the ultimate goal of the activity, which you do not want to do. Moreover, this goal should be your own and not your relatives, boss or friends.

http://iamsassychic.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/bigstockphoto_Angry_Pretty_African-American__3684725.jpgSecond, the cause of laziness can be unattractive and emotional rejection of a job. If you have the opportunity to refuse to perform the unpleasant duties, psychologists recommend to do it. After all, who can indulge us  better than ourselves. But there are circumstances when there is no way to refuse. Then it is recommended to find some pleasant element in unattractive work and concentrate on it. For example, turn on favourite music while cleaning the house.

And thirdly, laziness may signal that the body is incredibly tired and requires a long recovery period (“Chronic fatigue syndrome”). If so, laziness is an indication for treatment of this disease.

So, laziness is not always a negative phenomenon. You just need to learn to recognize the signals that our inner world gives you to consider them and live in harmony with yourself.


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