Planning To Relocate In 2016? Consider This!

Relocating is one of the most popular social and real estate trends of the last few years. People in Nigeria relocate for a variety of different reasons: some want to move closer to their family, others choose to move after they get married, and another large category of Nigerians move for better job opportunities. Whatever your reasons for relocating are, this process should not be taken lightly.

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Relocating not only can be quite stressful, but is also leads to all kinds of complications, from looking for a new house or apartment to getting accustomed in your new location. If you’re going to relocate soon, first consider these 5 factors.

Job market

Since one of the main reasons for people to move from one city to another is job opportunities, it makes sense for you to inspect the job market in the city you’re planning to move to. One of the best ways to find out if there are a lot of jobs in your dream city is to look online – for example, on JiJi. Jobs on JiJi can be filtered according to professions (manager, assistant, engineer, receptionist, HR manager) and city (Lagos, Oyo, Abuja, Rivers, Kwara). As soon as you’re satisfied with the job opportunities in the city of your choice, it means that you can move right away.


Real estate prices

One of the most essential things to do when you choose to move to another city is to find a place to live. Usually people who relocate prefer to rent an apartment, although if you really like the city, plan to spend a lot of time there, and have enough finances, you can also buy a house or an apartment. Real estate prices differ from city to city. The most expensive property can be found in Lagos and Abuja, so if your budget is not too big, it might be a good idea to search for property in other cities like Rivers, Oyo and Ogun.


Cost of living

Nigerian cities are very different when it comes to the cost of living. Generally, the more job opportunities and infrastructure a city has, the more expensive is it to move there. The term “cost of living” includes everything from food and transportation to night live, clothes shopping, and entertainment. To find out about the costs of living in the city of your choice you can look up the city forums and boards where citizens discuss the most important questions, or find people from those cities on social media websites and ask them about life in the city directly.



Infrastructure is crucial when it comes to moving to another city. Infrastructure is a very broad notion that includes a lot of things like schools, hospitals, roads, streets, architecture, shopping locations, cultural landmarks, etc. For some people schools are the most important point – without a good school in the neighbourhood education for children becomes a problem. Other people want to live close to large hospitals to be able to get medical help whenever they need. You need to decide which parts of the city infrastructure matter to you the most, and then look for a place to move according to those parameters.



If you’re not moving to a city close to the one where you live, but instead move to another part of the country or even abroad, weather conditions are another thing you should consider. Most of us are used to living in a particular climate for years, which is why a sudden move from one type of weather conditions to another can be very stress-inducing. You can avoid the stress either by learning ahead what climate you’re going to live on, or going to your future location and spend a couple of days there, trying to accommodate to the weather conditions of that city.


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