Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer: 5 Tips

Laptops are a wonderful invention meant to make our lives easier, but when your laptop’s battery stops charging or starts dying in less than an hour from being fully charged, it can drive anyone mad. Of course, you could always buy a new laptop on JiJi, but if you don’t have that kind of money, you can simply follow these 5 battery-saving tips and enjoy years of flawless service with your laptop.

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1. Basic care and maintenance

Like any sensitive mechanism, a laptop battery requires a certain level of care. This usually includes keeping your laptop and its battery away from direct heat or cold, occasionally cleaning the battery with a dry cloth, performing a complete charging and discharging cycle at least once a month, taking out the battery when the laptop is plugged in for a long time, cleaning the metal contacts on the battery with rubbing alcohol, and removing USB devices like flash drives from the system when they are not used for a long time. These are some basic tips that you can keep everyday without putting too much effort into it.


2. No multitasking

Multitasking is a great way to improve your productivity at work; unfortunately, it is also one of the main causes for the battery running out too quickly. Generally, the more tasks your computer is running simultaneously, the faster the battery will run out, and after some time the battery will start dying even faster. In order to eliminate this risk make sure to close windows and applications you’re not currently using – for example, if you’re watching a movie, close the browser and the Word document you were working on before.


3. Explore your computer settings

Any modern computer has various settings aimed at more efficient power consumption. With the help of those settings you can adjust your computer’s power consumption according to your requirements. For example, if you’re mainly working with texts and Word document, you likely don’t need high resolution display settings, which are mostly used by users working with photos and videos. Additionally, you can dim the display lighting most of the time and turn it up only when you need it.

4. Upgrade your computer

An old processor, graphics card, flash memory or hard drive may be still working, but they also put a lot of strain on the battery, which can lead to the battery going out of order sooner than you expected. If your computer is five or more years old, it might be time to replace its old components. You can find a wide range of computer accessories on JiJi. By buying the necessary parts and components and installing them in place of the old ones you will not only achieve a much better performance, but will also make your laptop battery last longer.

5. Turn off unused connections

Modern laptops usually come equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, but, as a rule, you don’t use those capabilities too often. If you only use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi once a week, a good idea might be to turn them off while you don’t need them and turn them on as soon as you need to use these connections. By the way, the same rule applies to smartphones: if you’re not currently using Bluetooth, mobile internet connection, or Wi-Fi, better turn them off before they drain out your battery.


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