Got Into A Jam? Oh, Stop It You!

The only way to avoid dangerous situations is to stay home and never go out. However, the most refined loser can always choke with an olive pit, take a “Smith&Wesson” instead of a phone and “push the button” – or just take a step on his own floor-length beard and break his neck.


We have picked up some tips about the right behavior in various risky situations. But, once again, maybe you just stay home?)).


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????? (1)

Try to stay on your feet – it is a key for surviving. As soon as you will be knocked down, your chances are significantly decreasing. Do not even try to go against the crowd. It will knock you down and most likely trample you.

????? (2)

Also, the position of your hand is important. Bend your elbows and put your arms closer to the torso – so you can always resist people pushing you from all sides, not giving them to squeeze your chest and giving yourself a chance to breathe freely. If you have tight clothes worn unbutton it beforehand: it will keep you safe from suffocation.

????? (3)

In this case, if you fall and cannot stand up, strike a defensive pose picking up your legs and covering your head with hands. Let your head follow the direction of the crowd to avoid hits and try to stand up.

Attack of Dogs

Military Working Dogs

Keep calm, try not to scream, look at dog’s eyes and show your fear and anxiety. It will lose interest in you when will make sure you are in safety.

Do not allow the dog to get behind you. If it begins circling around you, know – it is sign of oncoming assault, so keep turning around with the dog.

Dog 4

If the dog will threaten you, give it something that it can bite, – a backpack or a bottle of water. Anything that will protect you from bite is acceptable. This trick can distract the dog and give some time for you to retire.


In any cases, remember that you need to protect your face, your chest and your throat. Keep your hands in fists to protect your fingers.

Dog 3

Airplane crash


Firstly, before getting on a plane, dress appropriately in case of emergency. Jeans and blazer may protect you from burns and sharp objects in some ways. Stay in shoes, even if it is on high heels – in case when you have to go on shards, burning plastic, etc.



The passengers in the back of the airplane survive more often than in front. The most dangerous time is the first 3 minutes after takeoff and 8 minutes before landing. At this time it is better to raise the table and look for the nearest exit. Keep your hand luggage under the seat in front of you for keeping your legs from hitting the seat.

Indonesia Plane Crash

The first 90 seconds of the crash are most important. At this time you need to stay calm and get out of the plane as quickly as possible.

Plane 4

Before emergency landing on the water find out in what position the airplane has buoyancy. Some float in a horizontal position, the others – with the submerged tail, third – with submerged nose. So you will know which of the emergency exits will be over water.

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Car crash

car 3

  • Maintain your composure – it will allow you to drive the car till the last opportunity;
  • it is better not to leave the car until it stops. Research shows that it is likely to survive in the vehicle a 10 times greater than during ejection;
  • strain all the muscles as strong as possible, and do not relax them until a complete stop;
  • try to do everything possible to get away from the counterblow. A fence, a ditch, a tree and others are preferable more than a clash with another vehicle;
  • during collision with a static object, hitting left or right wing is worse than hitting bumper. Do not be afraid that the engine going to the salon. Designers have made sure a long time that the bumper will go down in time of crashing .

car 1

Car 4

Once you get under the water in the vehicle, it is possible:

  • break glass with something heavy;
  • saving air and tranquility, wait until the machine is completely filled with water, and then the door will be opened easily.


A big wave

Wave 2

It is best to try to swim over the wave until it broke. If this is impossible, you need to extend your arms and legs to spread the crash and keep yourself from a deep dive into the water.


Take a deep breath and wait for the waving subsides. You will be thrown from side to side, but try to keep the orientation, and do not panic.

Wave 1

Try to return on the surface as quickly as possible, breathe and try to review the situation, because you can get in it again.

Dealing with thunderstorm

Thunder 1

Try to find a lowland and squat down. Get as low as you can, but try touch the ground with your body as less as possible.

Thunder 2

Now, shield your ears. If you really have appeared in the midst of a thunderstorm, a bolt could damage the eardrum.

Thunder 3

Jellyfish sting

Jelly 1

Try to reach the shore as fast as possible and spread the sand on the remaining jellyfish tentacles.

Hot water – the best way for the treatment of jellyfish stings.

Jelly 2

Once they are dry, use an object, such as a credit card, to remove them one touch. Do not rub this place, as it may lead to further deflation of toxins in the skin.

Jelly 3

Vodka helps well  to relieve burning jellyfish stings. Proved by “Mythbusters”!


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