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Christmas Is The Time To Say “I Love You”

Undoubtedly, Christmas is a special time of a year when everyone on Earth want to share their feelings with the people they love. But to do so it’s not enough just to say “I love you”. If you really want to impress the ones you love, you should be a bit more creative…

…and that’s what JiJi.ng is going to help you with

Agree that actions speak louder than words. It is not just not enough to say “I love you” but it is going to have a better and more lasting effect if you spend your time and prepare some kind of a surprise.

The first thing you should think of is what the people you love like the most and what do you think would make them flip out. So if he/she is a…


If he/she is not that into hanging around and looking for adventures, then he/she must be loving to stay at home managing some home issues like working with the decorations of the rooms, gardening the plants, and making it feel comfortable and cozy. Such people are very caring and they would be very pleased to get the same care and love as they share with others.


wPkNY0cyS48The best option to say “I love you” with no words is to buy a present that would represent your gratitude and respect. This can be a warm soft blanket, a funny cup with a pack of flavored tea, or a good book to make them spend their time pleasantly.

Read what you can choose as a Christmas present for a person who can’t live without traveling & adventures on the following page.


yOuxHjqFPEkFor those who can’t stay at home a minute and who all the time are looking forward for something new to experience it is especially important to feel free and independent. One of the best gift options for such people can be an intellectual game that can boost their ideas and help them approach new horizons.

Skamps are also the people who travel a lot so going somewhere exotic with your beloved ones is probably the greatest present they have ever imagined to get as a Christmas present. Look through some special JiJi tourism offers and pick up the one that makes you excited the most!


Is he/she a true workaholic? Look what Christmas present can impress such people on the next page.

…work dork

tWIMB9Yr2eQIf your task is to impress a true workaholic, then you are to do exactly the contrary to what he/she spends their time for — which is working, of course. Such people need some rest, even though they themselves can’t manage to understand that. So it is your task for these Christmas holidays to make a point on this fact and to express all your love making a small surprise.




You can prepare a hot bath with aroma oil and lots of flavored candles around bringing some cold red wine and fruits along with that.

jtPhvHgXGY4Or you can buy a certificate for a massage or some kind of spa-relax therapy. Both of the variants would perfectly meet your intentions of making a perfect Christmas present for the person you care about.

Read how you can impress the people who are probably the most important ones in our life on the last page.

…our parents

Christmas is the time to first of all think about the people who brought us to this world. These are the people who deserve our gratitude and attention.


wDcvhhpn8I4One of good choices for your mom can be a kitchen tool like a new knives set or some other appliance that would ease her time spending in the kitchen. A home-made dinner would serve as a special expression of love and care. Your mom would be definitely pleased to get such a special attention and to understand that her endless hours of cooking are appreciated.

Ww6xBnRQeWIAs a real man there is no doubt that your father wants to look handsome and attractive. You can help him with that presenting him a gym membership or some video lessons together with dumbbells to train at home. You can become a personal trainer for your dad and teach him how to eat healthy and keep his body shape perfect. This can be a good present both for your dad and mom whose friends are going to be jealous she’s got such a good-looking husband.

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