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Best Xmas Gift Ideas For Your Colleague

Christmas is a special time of a year first of all because it is the time when you shouldn’t forget about anyone and buy small presents even for your colleagues.

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NLJShpCRmagThe most common and widespread Christmas present has always been a good book. And so this option will fit well when picking up a present for your colleague. You can choose both something relaxing and any kind of educational book. Anything will suit perfect.

Creative funny cup

Qr-xHLr3agAFor the coffee junkier you could consider an option of buying a creative and funny ceramic cup. Express your care to your co-worker with an amazing coffee mug that can be found on JiJi.

Floppy post-it notes

0nWfofxZgJUHelp your colleague throwback to the tech of yesteryear, with colorful post-it notes. It’s a simple, yet goofy gift with a practical twist.


8ogkGlAjL0UThis present is rather expensive if compared to the other items mentioned above but still it has its reasons to be in our list. You can present it to your boss together with other of your colleagues. If he/she is fond of reading and is concerned about their time and health, then it’s a perfect Xmas gift option. It saves time on going to the shop and buying another book and cancels any financial expenses as all you need is surf the Internet and download any book you like. Secondly, it is designed so that it takes care of one’s vision so your boss shouldn’t worry about dangerous light waves other electronic devices emit.

Get to know about other great Xmas gift options on the next page.

Creative note-book

RK0aelaUP9UYou can’t go wrong with a notebook, especially for the colleague who constantly seems to take notes. Add a touch of creativity and write down a letter of congratulations from Santa Clause on the very first page.

Portable cup holder

XMhcr5W_hbAIs there someone at your office who is always mopping up their desk after coffee and soda spills? Grab them this drink lip as a present. It will keep their drink safe and desk dry.

Wooden desk organizer

9FJUnvt5Gv4In order to keep all office tools in good trim it is very advisable if your colleague has a good desk organizer. Help them with it these Christmas holidays.

Business card holder

PJYYSBSTUVkSuccessful people are successful in everything. They are punctual, well-organized, and have a business card holder at hand at any time. Express your concern about successful career future of your colleague and make it a Xmas present.

Get acquainted with other interesting & at the same time creative ideas of Xmas presents for your colleagues.

Scented candles

rAZKquDb5_8After long working hours it’s been always necessary to rest, relax, and even meditate for a while. It would be much easier to do with the scented candles you can pick up as a small Xmas gift for your colleague.

Bottle stopper

O5BnddQppgkAny wine lover will certainly appreciate a custom monogrammed bottle stopper. It’s both practical and creative, and with several text, frame and color options to choose from, the wine stopper makes a great gift for anyone. If you really want to step it up a notch, include a bottle of wine, too.

Cookie gift box

0oIvAf9Q9icWhen in doubt, food is the answer. Your co-worker will certainly appreciate a sweet treat like cookie gift boxes. Add a bar of chocolate and a pack of coffee to mix it all a bit.

Tea infuser

hu10fMafSuQIf your co-worker is never seen in the office without a teacup in hand, a tea infuser is a practical and adorable gift. A tea infuser holds loose-leaf and bagged teas for easy brewing so your co-worker can sip easily.

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