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9 Mistakes To Avoid In The Gym

When doing workouts in the gym it is important to be aware of some common mistakes that everyone does. Read about them and exclude from your training schedule.

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Mistake #1: Not warming up

X2wsyIMQClQWarm up is the most essential part of an exercise as the muscle needs time to adjust to the difference in movement and also the increased load. If the muscles are not warmed up properly it can lead to muscle pulls or even injuries. Take your time and don’t be lazy to get your muscles prepared.

Mistake #2: Not stretching enough

Stretches tend to increase the muscle flexibility which is very helpful in reducing body fat and increasing resistance. Besides, it’s important that stretches are done at almost all intervals of the workout.


Mistake #3: Not drinking enough water

It is a common mistake to be afraid of getting cramps or being too lazy to carry a bottle of water around the gym. When you are exercising, your body gets dehydrated and it is essential to keep the water quantity of your body on the appropriate level.


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Mistake #4: Doing cardio the wrong way

There is a thin line when doing cardio – whether you do not enough of it, whether you exhaust yourself with too much of cardiovascular exercises.


The most important rule to remember is to do this kind of workouts for no less than 25 minutes and no more than 45. This “magic zone” between 25 to 45 minutes is the fat burning zone where you won’t surely go wrong.

Mistake #5: Consuming energy bars and sports drinks

If one is not giving in at least 2 hours at the gym then there is no need for any type of extra energy bars or drinks. High energy when not utilized can result in accumulation of fat which I suppose goes in contradiction with your intentions of getting a perfect body shape.


Mistake #6: Hiring a trainer

It is a completely waste of money. You are going to pay for the information you can easily find on the Internet and for the will power. And will power is the #1 thing that most of us lack. This important part of our workouts should be trained, not paid for.


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Mistake #7: Not cooling down

Everything that is being worked or trained hard should get some rest afterwards. It also applies to our body. If you want to give your muscles a perfect shape, you should give them some time to relax after every workout. Besides, it is essential to get your heart to the normal heart rate. You may jog a little or even walk before getting back to your regular schedule.


Mistake #8: Waiting for equipment

Gym lines are more likely to form during peak hours. The best option is to exercise early in the morning or late in the evening. But if you don’t have such an opportunity or it is very inconvenient for your time spending, you shouldn’t stop your workout waiting for the necessary equipment.


In case your equipment is taken have a back-up plan for your exercising. For example, you could do squats or abdominal crunches. Anyways, it is better than be waiting for the bench to open up.

Mistake #9: Not planning your “workout schedule” ahead

As any other thing in our life, training in the gym requires its plan. Going to the gym having no idea what you will be doing this time is like going to the shop having no list of products you should buy. Make a quick plan of your main workouts so you are training mindfully and so you are conscious about the muscle groups you want to develop and in what parts of your body you want to get rid of fat.


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