7 Biggest Mistakes While Buying A Car

With new cars being unaffordable for most buyers, the dream of owning a new car becomes more and more distant. However, there is no need to feel desperate – an alternative is much closer than you think! Buying a used car is a perfect solution for people looking for a reliable car without needing to spend millions on a brand new model. Want to know how to not to be disappointed with your choice? Simply avoid these 7 mistakes and you’ll be fine!

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1. Focusing on a single model

The car market in Nigeria is so diverse that fixing your attention on a single model might be an unproductive move. Of course, you can have a favorite model – for example, many Nigerians are fond of Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Pathfinder and Lexus RX, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t look for an alternative that fits your budget or tastes better. You can find the biggest variety of cars on JiJi.


2. Not knowing what you want

Although focusing on a particular model is not a good car buying strategy, not knowing what you want in your new car at all is an equally bad move. To make a solid choice when buying a vehicle you need to know at least your favorite body style (sedan, hatchback, coupe, SUV, wagon), age, condition, and your approximate budget. After you get these parameters in check, choosing a car to buy will be much easier and more effective.


3. Skipping research

Before the internet car buyers had to rely on their own experience, their friends’ opinions, and the seller’s honesty. However, nowadays with the right amount of research you’re guaranteed to make a good choice. Start by researching various car brands like Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz, their advantages and drawbacks. Then you can move on to specific models. Don’t forget to read honest reviews from owners rather than just trusting the seller.


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4. Impulse buying

If you’ve wanted a specific car for a very long time, when the opportunity to buy it finally presents itself, you can lose patience and buy the car right away, without considering the positive and negative sides of this particular offer. Even if it’s your dream model in a seemingly good condition, it’s important to spend some time looking for possible defects and worn out parts of the vehicle before committing to the purchase.


5. Looking in the wrong places

The way we shop has greatly changed in the last decade, and this trend includes car shopping. If you had wanted to buy a car 10 years ago, you needed to go to the market or look for an ad in a local newspaper. These days thousands of cars on sale in your city are only a click away – here are cars in Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, and Oyo. This is why it’s important to use all available resources rather than look for your new dream car the old ways. Take full advantage of the internet by buying a car on JiJi.


6. Not negotiating with the seller

A lot of seller put a much higher price in their ad and expect the potential buyer to ask for a discount. If you agree to the price suggested by the seller in the ad, you risk overpaying for the car. Even if you’ve fallen in love with this particular vehicle, never skip the negotiation step of the buying process, otherwise you risk paying a higher price for a car you could have gotten at a more affordable price tag. If you need, you can point out some defect in the car to convince the seller to lower the price.


7. Paying in advance

One of the most important rules of online shopping in Nigeria is that you should never pay for anything in advance, not even for handling or delivery. If you’ve found a car you like, contact the seller and arrange a meeting in a well-populated area, and only after you’ve looked all over the car, taken it for a test drive, and asked for an advice from your family and friends, you can sign the sales documents, pay the seller, and take your new car home.


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