7 Best Christmas Gifts For Guys

As Christmas is getting closer every day, we have more and more items on our to-do lists. Organizing the perfect Christmas celebration, preparing a wonderful meal, choosing the best outfit, and, of course, buying the ideal Christmas presents for our loved ones are among the most important tasks this Christmas. Like anyone, you probably have an important man in your life – he can be your husband, boyfriend, father, best friend, boss, or anyone else. If you want to surprise this man with a gift he’ll remember for ages, check out our top 7 list of the most amazing Christmas gifts for guys!

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Who doesn’t like listening to music? If you know for a fact your husband’s old headphones are broken and he can’t live a day without music, give him a pair of brand new headphones this Christmas! On JiJi you can find a wide variety of headphones: there are on-ear and in-ear headphones, Bluetooth headphones, wireless headphones, headphones from famous brands and more affordable models, as well as famous Beats by Dre headphones – rest assured that you will find the perfect pair when you look through headphones on JiJi.

Bluetooth speaker

Listening to music with your headphones is perfect for times when you are alone and simply want to enjoy some music, but if you’re with a company and want to take fun to the next level, the easiest way to do it is by using a Bluetooth speaker. Give your man a neat Bluetooth speaker and you two will never get bored again! These speakers work flawlessly with any kind of equipment, from smartphones and MP3 players to laptops and tablets. You can choose any color, size, brand, and price of a Bluetooth speaker on JiJi.


Smart watch

Out of all gadgets that came into the market in 2015, smart watches are probably the most popular and groundbreaking ones. Depending on the make and model, a smart watch can perform an unbelievably wide range of functions, from monitoring your sleep and calorie intake to letting you manage music, phone calls and text messages without taking out the smartphone. A smart watch is the perfect present for men of any age, so if you’re stuck and can’t find a suitable gift, consider buying a smart watch on JiJi.


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Video game console

Video games are something that unites children and adults – there is almost no modern man who doesn’t like to relax with a controller while playing some new shooter or racing game. If your special man is an avid gamer or simply likes to play once in awhile, a video game console is the perfect combination of a useful and surprising gift. Game consoles on JiJi are available in a variety of brands and models, so all you have to do is find the best one, buy a couple of video games and gift wrap your present!


Car scanner

If your husband has a car and wants to give it the best care possible, a thing that will greatly help him is a car scanner. Car scanners on JiJi are small yet powerful devices. After being connected to the car’s computer a scanner can detect an endless range of problems, from low oil level to malfunctioning engine parts. Once your husband has this device, he will no longer need to waste money on taking his car to be diagnosed by a professional mechanic – instead he’ll be able to get you a new dress or shoes!


Car vacuum cleaner

Keeping a car in order is every modern man’s priority, but taking a car to a professional car wash can be quite expensive, especially if the car interior gets dirty very quickly. To avoid those extra costs you can give him a new car vacuum cleaner, and his car will never get dirty again. A vacuum cleaner doesn’t cost a fortune and is very easily transported, so your man will be able to take it anywhere with him, from a garage to a long car trip.



Although more and more men begin understanding the importance of self-care, a tasteful and stylish perfume will never be a useless or inappropriate gift. There is a great selection of perfumes for men on JiJi, where you can find the one that fits your husband’s taste and preference better. Famous brands, stunning fragrances and sophisticated design are the things that make a bottle of perfume an ideal Christmas gift.


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