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7 Amazing Future Technologies For Smartphone

Just admit it: not so long ago voice control on a smartphone, fingerprint sensors, 8 Mp camera and other technological developments were perceived with such an enthusiasm as if your favorite sci-fi novel had been adapted for the screen.

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Technologies are so quick that you don’t even really have time to think about multiply novelties. All that you can do is agree with the fact that your new smartphone already has a retinal scanner, 5G-networks, lithium-ion micro battery, flexible display and all that stuff.


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60-core processors

Today we can hardly say that smartphones are low-power and slow devices, but in the future they can turn into real digital monsters.

Intel has created the prototype of 48-core chip long ago, and such processors already exist in many universities and research laboratories.

Intel ???? 1

But today Intel has another trump card: with the new Xeon Phi processor family, Intel aims to achieve a quantum leap in performance and energy efficiency of servers. Phi coprocessors are planned to be used for servers and supercomputers. The first models have 60 or more cores: the fastest of these processors provide performance over TERAPFLOPS.

Intel ???? 2

Yeah, ordinary people will have to settle for 6- and 8-core toys yet. But very soon the smartphones, some of which have the same performance as real computers have, will work on these super processors.

Griots Garage

Augmented reality

Many of you probably remember how computer vision has repeatedly helped Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator” to choose clothes of a right size, see the difference between policeman and just a man, or unmistakably recognize John Connor.

AR 1

AR 5

Today this kind of mixing real and virtual world using special devices and programs no longer looks fantastic.

Ar 2

The so-called QR-codes are the simplest examples of augmented reality. These are two-dimensional barcodes invented by the Japanese to read data about products in stock.

AR 3

AR 4

Another wonderful example of augmented reality is Google Goggles. This is a visual search that enables you to learn everything about the subject, even if the latter doesn`t have a QR code.

GG 1

GG 2

GG 3

Download Google Goggles app by Google Inc.:

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.unveil&hl simple]


Analogous app for iOS:

[appbox appstore 284815942?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 simple]

The popular Wikitude app can complement reality with linked to the map locations Wikipedia articles, Youtube videos, photos from Panoramio and Flickr, as well as user`s “markers” on Twitter, Forsquare and Gowalla. Thus, you can find out what sites are visited by active Android users in this area.

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It`s never enough for you! It would be so nice if smartphones got even faster ways to transfer large amounts of data!

5g 1

Samsung is already actively working on this, testing new technology for data transmission via wireless networks, which provides channel width of 10 Gbit/s. Moreover, the new technology will provide a reduction of delays, increased security, reduced energy consumption and reduced total cost of owning.

5g 2

The technical limit of technology that today represents a commercial peak in data transmission, LTE, is only 75 Mbit/s. Samsung promises to begin deploying 5G-networks in Korea by the year 2020. The company promises that the new technology will make it possible to download movies in just a few seconds.

5g 3

Flexible displays

Thanks to the technology of Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED), mobile phone screen will fold like a sheet of paper or even roll into a tube and contain controls menu.

?????? ??????? 1

In addition, the introduction of flexible thin screens can cause an appearance of flexible phones of various forms.

?????? ??????? 2

The companies say nothing about the terms, but LG, for example, has already presented a prototype of a 5-inch flexible screen that is resistant to damages – LG’s flexible OLED HD panel.

LG's flexible OLED HD panel 1

LG's flexible OLED HD panel 2

Nokia is also trying to keep up. Today it is developing a flexible phone in the form of a bracelet.

?????? ??????? 3


Amazon.com Inc. presented Android smartphone with 3D-display – Fire Phone.



The peculiarity of the novelty is that Fire Phone screen is made using Dynamic Perspective technology, which gives user a possibility to see three-dimensional images without 3D-glasses. Also, the user can open menu items without touching the screen of the Fire Phone and simply tilting the phone to the right direction.

3D 1

3D 3

Another unique feature of a smartphone is Firefly app that allows brand new device to recognize text, images and sounds, after that the phone displays a more detailed information about them and offers to buy them on Amazon (if they are available there).

3D 4


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