6 Ways To Avoid Overspending This Christmas

As much as we’re all looking forwards to Christmas celebration, it’s safe to admit that all the Christmas shopping can be very expensive. But even though Christmas only comes once a year, there’s no need to go over your budget, wasting money left and right on things you don’t really need or things you could get from another place cheaper. Holiday overspending is a very real and serious problem, so if you want to avoid it and finish the Christmas season with some money still in your wallet, take a look at these 6 easy tips.

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1. Use a shopping list

This is one of the most useful shopping advices you will ever get. Going grocery shopping without a list can result in tons of unwanted yet expensive purchases, and going out to buy Christmas presents without a list of people you want to buy presents for is another mistake that can result in a money loss. A good idea is to take limited amounts of money with you when you go to the store – you’ll never be able to waste more money than you currently have.


2. Shop online

There are so many advantages of shopping online that if you’re still not doing it, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Online shopping is fast, easy, safe, comfortable, and is an opportunity for you to wait for the best deals to come instead of rushing and buying the first thing you see. Experienced online shoppers advise to plan your Christmas shopping ahead – that way you will not miss a single discount, bargain, deal, special offer, etc. We recommend doing your Christmas shopping on JiJi, where you can trade with real people.


3. Don’t overdo the decoration

Decorating the house and the garden for Christmas is one of the oldest and most pleasant holiday traditions, but with the costs of Christmas decoration going up every year, bringing a festive touch to your house can break your budget. To avoid this try using last year’s decorations more, or making your own DIY decor accessories. If you look through DIY websites, you will find hundreds of tips for creating Christmas decorations. Additionally, you can buy Christmas decor during summer when it’s on sale.

4. Give DIY gifts

Presents are one of the most essential parts of Christmas, which is why going to a Christmas party without presents at all would be considered rude and inappropriate. However, good Christmas gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money – by using some of your skills and imagination you can give a much better Christmas present than money can buy. Baked goods, DIY furniture, pieces of decor, clothes and accessories will all be great ideas for a DIY gift.


5. Split costs

If you’re planning a big Christmas party where several families are invited, you don’t have to pay for everything yourself. Your guests can either bring a couple of ready dishes to the table, or help you buy and prepare the foods you’re planning to serve. There is nothing wrong about asking your friends and relatives to split the costs of a Christmas meal, so if you don’t want to overspend, follow this advice for an affordable and fun celebration.


6. Focus on the fun

Even though a Christmas party cannot be imagined without food and gifts, what really matters is the celebration itself: chatting, singing, dancing, playing games, and having fun in every way imaginable. This is why, as a host, you need to pay more attention to how much your guests are enjoying the celebration, and less attention to the fact that the gifts exchanged by the guests might not be as expensive as some would like, or that the food on the table didn’t cost as much as it could have. Put focus to the celebration instead of the money, and you’ll notice how much better your guests will feel.


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