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5 Tips To Keep Your Normal Weight During Holidays

When winter holidays everyone is getting thmselves prepared to get some extra weight. But actually you shouldn’t make up your mind to this unpleasant fact and follow these 5 easy tips to stay fit before, during, and after the holidays.

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#1 – Move as much as you can

Movement is life. It is that driving fuel that can make us achieve great results in any and each sphere of our life – career, family, and health. Especially it regards health and our precious body-shape when winter holidays. If you want to eat much of delicious Christmas food, eat lots of sweets and desserts, and drink hot chocolates all days long, then you should forget about moving afterwards.

You can make it a family tradition to go skiing or skating somewhere, or you can go long walking around the city to see decorated Christmas trees and welcoming shops with bright colorful garlands.

When cooking in the kitchen don’t please yourself by sitting when preparing something. Put on your favourite music on your PC and enjoy cooking and dancing a bit.

#2 – Go Shopping

Instead of laying on the sofa like a coach potato and making lists of presents, go exploring what you could buy in the shops and malls. Undoubtedly, there are lots of sales and hot deals especially for New Year’s time and you will get amazed by the creativity of the presents you will find on the shelves and your spirit will cheer up with New Year’s mood!

When moving from floor to the floor don’t use elevator, find the simple stairs and don’t lose a chance to train your glutes during shopping time even.

#3 – Ditch The Mailman

When all of your presents are ready and the Christmas cards signed with the best wishes of Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, pack your bags and go exploring the profession of the mailman on your own. Don’t resort to post services, instead save your money and burn some calories walking around the city, knocking at the doors of your friends and relatives and presenting your gifts to them. Such expression of your attention and devotion of time will surely touch them and make their Christmas mood even better!

Make sure to keep your weight on an appropriate level with the tips from the following page!

#4 – Use Nature As Your Gym

Embrace the surroundings. If you are on an island or beach holiday, head to the water for your workouts. In the countryside or even in a city that has amazing parks, head out and explore by hiking, running, walking, biking or even look at horse riding for a more adventurous twist. Christmas is undoubtedly the best time of a year to spend some time for your own good keeping yourself away from working. It is the most favorable time for resting, and your resting is better if connected to exploring something new and getting fresh life impressions.

 #5 – Relax

Whatever the case, Christmas & New Year’s time is the time to rest. Make yourself a present and take a relaxing massage or do some kind of spa procedure for your entire body.

Feel those precious moments when you don’t need to hurry anywhere and when you musn’t perform any tasks today. Just simply sit, relax, and meditate in complete silence. Discharge your body of all worries and stress…

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