5 Tips For Making Your Used Car Last Longer

Nowadays owning a car is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity. With public transportation being not as highly developed as we’d want it to, cars are the most comfortable, quick and affordable way to get to our destination. However, not every modern Nigerian can afford to buy a new car.

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Luckily, there is a solution – buying a used car is a perfect way out for people who want all the advantages of having a car without needing to overpay for a new vehicle. The best way to obtain a used car is to buy one on JiJi: take a look at all used cars on JiJi or pick a brand: Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Lexus, Kia, Land Rover. With our 5 tips your new used car will give you years of flawless service!

1. Be a responsible driver

The way you drive your car greatly influences not just your safety, but also your car’s condition. Reckless driving often results in the car going out of order sooner than you expected, forcing you to pay thousands to your mechanic. The key to making your car last longer is to be a smooth and careful driver, not putting your car under too much pressure.

Another important factor of having a reliable car is to listen to every noise produced by the vehicle. When the car is a couple of years old, it may experience troubles with the engine, suspension, starting system, etc. If you pay enough attention, those issues can be easily spotted at an early stage, before they lead to major problems.

2. Keep a maintenance schedule

Even new cars require regular maintenance and repair, which is why used cars are even more in need of timely checkups. If your used car came equipped with an owner’s material, you can find the advised maintenance schedule there. Car designers create this schedule specifically to help owners ensure proper care about their cars.

During regular checkups you may eventually discover that one or several of the car systems are malfunctioning. Broken systems and mechanisms are extremely dangerous and subject you and your passengers to an immense risk. Fortunately, you can find all necessary car parts on JiJi and repair the malfunctioning mechanism in no time.

3. Look after the tires

Tires are considered to be a vital part of any vehicle, and there is a good reason for that – properly functioning tires can make your ride smooth and silky, while old or worn out tires possess a huge threat. The most important thing to pay attention to is the tire pressure that you can measure with the help of a special instrument. Remember to always carry a pump for emergency situations.


Another rule experienced car owners follow is rotating your tires. Tires don’t wear out evenly: front tires usually wear out much faster than rear ones, which is why you should regularly move tires from left to right and from front to back – that way you’ll ensure even wearing out of the tires and will be able to use one set of tires for a long time.

4. Check your fluids

Any car, used or new, is filled with various fluids, and a lot of your car’s well-being largely depends on whether the fluids are clean and in a sufficient amount. The most essential car fluids are engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluids. Normally these fluids need to be checked once a month, but if your car is older than 10 years, it’s better to check the car fluids every two weeks. First, check the level of the fluid – it shouldn’t be too low, otherwise there’s just an accident waiting to happen. Second, check if the fluid is clean and clear enough.

5. Don’t skip car wash

Not giving your car regular washing sessions can result in dirt and rust building up in the various parts of the vehicle, which not only spoils the car’s appearance, but also can lead to malfunctions. Plus, if you have a car that doesn’t look neat and well cared for, you won’t be able to sell it for a good price when you want to switch cars.


Although it’s best to have your car washed and waxed by professional cleaners, you can also do it yourself. Of course, you’ll need some equipment and additional materials, but after you do a complete wash of a car several times, you’ll become better and better at this. In a couple of months you will wash your car as good as a professional washer without having to overpay for the services!

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