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5 Sleep Habits That Can Ruin Your Beauty

Sleeping is a wonderful part of every day that helps us put our minds and bodies to rest for about 8 hours. However, it’s important to know that even though the processes in your body slow down during sleep time, they are still happening, which can positively or negatively influence your health and appearance. If you care about beauty, there are several sleep habits that you need to avoid for as long as you want to keep your good looks. First of all, you need to get a new comfortable bed on JiJi. Wonder which other sleep habits damage your appearance? Then keep reading!

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1. Rarely changing your pillow cases

If you saw pillowcases that were in use for several weeks under a powerful microscope, you would be surprised and possibly disgusted by the amounts of bacteria that live there, completely invisible to the human eye. You can just imagine how damaging these bacteria is for your skin and hair! Clogged pores, greasy skin and hair, dandruff – these are just some of the consequences of sleeping on dirty pillow cases. Changing this bad sleep habit is actually rather simple – just make sure to switch pillow cases and sheets at least once every two weeks, although it’s better to change pillow cases once a week.


2. Bad sleeping position

We all have different sleep position that we rarely control: once we fall asleep, the body is the one who decides how we’re going to sleep. Nevertheless, it turns out that some sleeping positions have a negative effect on your appearance – namely, sleeping on your sides and especially your stomach. These positions put a lot of pressure on your skin and cause compression wrinkles. Additionally, if you suffer from puffy eyes or dark under eye circles, the reason might be your wrong sleeping position. Switch to sleeping on your back, and wear a sleeping mask for best results.


3. Not enough sleep

With our busy work life and everyday family commitments having a healthy night’s sleep seems like a dream that will never come true. Not getting enough sleep is exhausting for your mind, but it may be even more exhausting for your body and especially your beauty. Dull skin with grey undertones, dark under eye circles, flat hair and visible exhaustion are able to turn even the most gorgeous person into a plain-looking one. If you want to preserve your beauty for decades, try your hardest to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, while 8-hour sleep will be even better for you.


4. Wearing makeup to bed

Many women are familiar with the problem of being too tired or simply lazy to wash the makeup off in the evening, which results in going to bed wearing full makeup. Not only does this thing ruin your pillow cases, it also badly influences your skin. When you’re taking off the makeup, you’re also washing away the dirt and grease that accumulated on your face during the day, and you certainly don’t want that stuff to stay on your skin at night. By giving your face a proper wash with the help of special soap or foam you will give your skin some much needed rest.

5. Not using skin care products

You’ve probably noticed that there are thousands of night creams, serums, lotions and masks, and it’s not a coincidence – night time is the best time for treating your skin to some skin care product. At night your skin is very receptive, which is why high quality skin care products work their magic during night time. Simply find out what your skin type is and what kind of skin problems you want to solve, and plan your night skin care routine accordingly with the help of the right moisturizing, soothing, nourishing, clearing, or other types of products.


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