5 Best Ways To Save Money On Christmas Shopping

With Christmas being just a few days away, the question of smart Christmas shopping is more urgent than ever. Even if you’re not planning to buy too many items for Christmas, you still need to get a bare minimum. Food for the Christmas party, a new dress and shoes, a smartphone as a gift to your husband, a tablet as a present for your kid – there are so many things that need to be purchased before Christmas that sometimes spending a large amount of money seems inevitable. But with our 5 useful tips your Christmas shopping will not only be a fun, but also a money-saving experience.

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5. Use coupons and promotions

A lot of online stores regularly hold various promotions in order to attract customers, promising them better deals and different perks. Around holidays, especially Christmas, the number of deals and promotions grows significantly. The best way to find out about all interesting offers is to follow your favourite online stores on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. As soon as the company decides to hold a promotion, they will quickly announce it on social media, and you will be among the first buyers to know about it. Companies also often post coupon codes for special discounts on their social media accounts, so make sure not to miss any of them.

4. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is one of the longest-known tricks to save money on shopping, but it can be also successfully applied during Christmas time. The most frequent bulk purchases are, of course, food products. By getting all the products for your Christmas meal in advance and in bulk you will not only save some money, but also the trouble of shopping in crowded markets and stores days before Christmas. As for other Christmas items, especially gifts, by buying several items from one place you can usually save money on delivery charges.


3. Organize group purchases

Group purchases haven’t been around for too long, but as online shopping becomes more and more popular, group purchases are also starting to gain popularity. By holding a group purchase you let your friends, co-workers and family members buy goods they want at much lower prices. Normally, the bigger your order is, the more money you will be able to save. Of course, organizing group purchases is a big responsibility, but if you’re not afraid to be in charge and want to provide your loved ones with a better shopping experience, then give this trick a try!


2. Shop either early or late

It’s a common understanding that early shoppers get the best deals. Normally the Christmas shopping starts right after Thanksgiving, so if you start your shopping season right after the holiday, you’re guaranteed to catch the best discounts and offers. However, when only a few days until Christmas are left, online stores and supermarkets often have attractive deals for late shoppers, so if you’ve missed the beginning of the shopping season, wait until the very end to buy the groceries or presents you plan to purchase.


1. Buy everything on JiJi

A giant online marketplace like JiJi is a wonderful place for shopping all year long, but its best deals happen during the Christmas shopping time. Right now there is an up to 60% discount on every product category, from food to makeup, from furniture to clothes, and from cars to toys. With JiJi it’s super easy to do all of your Christmas shopping in one place. The shopping process couldn’t be simpler: pick the products you like, make an arrangement with the seller, receive the products and pay for them afterwards. Remember to never pay for the goods in advance, don’t forget to follow JiJi to get the latest deals, and your Christmas shopping will be more fun than ever!


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