5 Best Smartphones For Music Fans

Just imagine how dull life without music would be! People all over the world love listening to music while walking, running, doing chores, working, and simply relaxing. However, these days we also want to be able to take our music with us. If you don’t feel like buying an MP3 player just to carry your music around, you will have to use your smartphone. But which smartphone will give you the best sound quality and become your trustworthy assistant in the world of music? This is a question we’ll try to answer with this post, and if you’re ready for a new phone, buy your smartphone on JiJi.

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5. HTC One M8

Although HTC releases one successful smartphone model after another, we picked the One M8 model for our list because of the sound capabilities this smartphone has. If you want a rather affordable smartphone that will become your music companion, there is no other model you should check out. The BoomSound speaker system will provide you with the best listening experience, while additional features like the sophisticated design and extra camera modes will quickly turn you into an HTC One M8 fan. Of course, you can always go for a newer and more expensive model, but the One M8 is able to satisfy your every need.


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4. Sony Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3 belongs to Sony’s flagship range of models, which is why it’s not as affordable as some of Sony’s cheaper models, but true music fans won’t be scared away by this fact. The Xperia series was already known for its great sound capabilities, but the Z3 completely changed the way we perceive music on smartphones. Noise and crosstalk reduction will make sure nothing stands between you and your music, while the high resolution 5.2 inch screen will let you enjoy your movies and TV shows while you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for some meeting to finish.


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3. LG G2

For a more affordable smartphone that provides the same level of audio quality try LG G2. This 5.2” smartphone provides a lot of great features, but audio sound is one of its main advantages. Exquisite design will please you every time you take out your smartphone to listen to some music. Long battery life will allow you to enjoy your favourite tracks for hours without worrying about your phone battery dying. Built-in stereo FM radio will help you listen to your beloved radio stations wherever you are. However, the 32 GB memory might prove to be insufficient for some buyers.


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2. Samsung Galaxy S6

Music fans all across the globe have come to love and appreciate Samsung smartphones, and the Galaxy S6 is no exception. This smartphone is a perfect combination of impeccable sound quality, generous battery life, decent storage space, and, of course, not to mention its affordable price. The 5.1 inch display will let you not only listen to music, but also watch your favourite movies and TV shows, enjoying the awesome video and audio quality. Another feature that attracts a lot of Samsung Galaxy S6 buyers is its cutting-edge design that is a flawless combination of glass and metal.


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1. iPhone 6S

The newest iPhone was just released in September, but has already managed to gain attention from international music fans. This flagship Apple smartphone has everything you could ever want from a music phone, including the sound quality that will let you hear the smallest details in your favourite tracks. Amplified sound, noise reduction and low tone distortion are among the features iPhone 6S has to offer to its buyers. Get an iPhone 6S and you will never be disappointed either with the sound quality or any other feature.


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