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5 Advantages Discipline Has Over Motivation

Many big corporations think of the most extraordinary ways to motivate their employees. They pay lots of money to special organizations that develop motivational strategies and programs. But, instead, it is better to reconsider the value of motivation and refer to discipline.

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#1 – Natural process

The first advantage discipline has over motivation is that it is a completely natural and unchangeable process that once set as a habit can exist for long years. Discipline requires much of will power that depends on the people themselves. Motivation, in turn, is the process that requires much effort from the outside – like a comfortable workplace or an appropriate condition to do this or that job. The conclusion is – it is better to have a self-disciplined employee than the one you must motivate all the time spending your time, money, and energy.


#2 – Doesn’t depend on emotional aspect

If motivation is 99% dependent on how you feel today, whether you are in a good mood to do this or that work, then discipline is something you do just because you feel it should be done and that if you don’t perform this or that task, you will have the feeling like you’re missing something.


Even though, you might feel bad and be not in a perfect health condition, discipline opens up the hidden sources of your organism energy and helps you perform the tasks.


#3 – Greater achievements

RtGZdjsmADIAnother difference between discipline and motivation is that you don’t wait until you’re in Olympic form to start training – you train to get into Olympic form. Motivation here is represented by something that you are sitting and waiting for to come like manna from heaven down on your head. Consequently, you are not engaged in any activity therefore making no progress in any of your life tasks.


Discipline here is that driving fuel that makes you move forward putting all the distractions away and keeping your goal deep in your thoughts.


Read about other benefits of being a disciplined person on the following page.

#4 – Procrastination

M28pa0U14VsFor those who don’t know the meaning of the word “procrastination” it is a self-excuse to not perform any of the tasks – from cleaning up the house to doing home task. “I have no motivation to do this work” is just a simple self-excuse that one appeals to when being simply lazy and lacking discipline.

FX3DcpouHHUFor those who are well-disciplined and possess self-dignity the word procrastination is unfamiliar. Such people know what they want to achieve, have an action plan, and are constantly approaching their goals being assisted by discipline.

#5 – Contrary processes

SpdsNTGixmoDiscipline and motivation are contrary to one another in its processes. Discipline is like an engine that, once kickstarted, actually supplies energy to the system. Moreover, discipline is self-perpetuating and self-consistent. It can be compared to the passive income that once set, supplies all of your body with additional energy.

78tEAO5KCqYOn the contrary to discipline, motivation has a short-lasting life and needs refreshing all the time. It is good for short-term goals but not for tasks that require strategies for years.

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