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8 Most Useful Exercises To Grow Muscles

Congratulations if you decided to join a club of those willing to look good and feel healthy. Growing muscles is an essential part of your physical training plans. But before you start take these 8 tips to grow your muscles properly preventing any kinds of injuries.

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#1 – Cable machine

Looking for a different way to gain strength, boost power and torch calories? You can enhance the effectiveness of nearly any workout with one common piece of equipment. By adding the resistance of a cable machine to your exercises you can build your core strength, generate power during your workouts and burn calories. You’ll feel powerful results and won’t waste time wandering around the gym from machine to machine. You can use just one cable machine doing different kinds of exercises for all muscle groups.


#2 – Reverse Pec-Deck

When you do reverse pec-deck flies, the lever arm remains fairly consistent throughout the entire range of motion. And you cannot achieve the same result using simple dumbbells.  Plus, you get resistance right from the start of the exercise as the machine tries to push your hands together. This is an important advantage over dumbbells, which do not require you to work hard at the start of the movement because your arms are just hanging there.


#3 – The Smith machine

This is a great machine especially for the beginners. Because of all the safety latches, you can rack it anywhere, and it provides balance because the bar is on a fixed path of movement. The benefits are that it allows you to perform multi-joint, multi-muscle movements. Squatting with the Smith machine works the quads, hamstrings, and gluts, while the weighted bar works the muscles of the shoulders, upper back, and core. When you utilize more muscle groups, you burn more calories and you’re training several muscle groups at the same time.


#4 – Low back extension machine

Strengthening the muscles of the back is critical, especially if you want to prevent back pain in your later years. Even though the back muscles may not be “showy”, they are still important to be trained as they are critical for trunk stability and are responsible for absorbing the stress the back often absorbs.


Look for a low back extension machine in which you work sitting and strapped in so that your form stays intact. This type of machine enables you to stay off of your hip flexors and instead use the muscles of your back to do the exercise.

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#5 – Rowing machine

There are 5 amazing benefits that you will get when you use a rower to exercise. The top advantages are:

Awesome Aerobic Exercise: It is able to increase your heart rate and makes several muscle goups work together.

Effective Way to Burn Calories: You burn nearly 600 calories per one hour.

Upper Body Conditioning: Your abs, biceps, and pectoral muscles do get a bit of a work out but not as much as the trapezius and rhomboids that are very important to be trained and developed.

Lower Body Conditioning: Your buttocks, quads, calves, and upper thighs get extensive exercise.

Low Risk for Injuries: It doesn’t put stress on the joints and you won’t get hurt if you fall offB as a rower is simply low to the ground.


#6 – Shoulder rotator machine

ZO_HrL0yrHUThe shoulder rotator muscles are often ignored that’s why many people injure the rotator cuff. A shoulder rotator machine is a good way to work these muscles. Almost everyone ignores the rotator cuff and builds the chest and biceps, but those aren’t the ones that hold the joint together. So if you are exercising not just to look appealing but for your health as well, devote some time at the gym to work with shoulder muscle groups.


#7 – Wrist and forearm machine

b_UziFvV7LUWrists are especially weak spots for women. That’s why they are necessary to be worked. You can work the wrist in all directions – up and down and side to side – while holding the forearms parallel to the floor, elbows bent at 90 degrees.

UTken0EwOoYIf there is no possibility to work with the machine, there’s another way. Simply attach a light weight or sandbag to a dowel with a strong piece of string. Then practice holding the forearms level while you roll the weight toward the dowel and back toward the floor.

#8 – Neck extension machine

_2_A3ElwJWQLast but not least important are the muscles of our neck. It is our hero holding 3 kg head every day. Though neck extension exercises are somewhat controversial, done properly strengthening the muscles of the neck and upper trapezius will help improve posture and avert injury. People who do sports on a professional level realize how much it is important to have your neck well-trained and prepared. That’s where a neck extension machine comes in handy. Just make sure you get instruction on using this machine, and always take care to use proper form to avoid injury.

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