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Tips To Extinguish Razor Burns

http://static.wixstatic.com/media/6377d2_a18793f988d34bbfa157e6e600ab5480.jpg_srb_p_271_186_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbEvery man faced with problem of razor burns. Inflammation, ingrown hair, pain, bad look – everyday trouble that seems to never disappear. Want to know how to deal with it? Read today’s article!

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The main causes of razor burns and razor bumps are:

– Long term electric shaver using without disinfection,

– The use of disposable razor for too long, or untimely blades replacement on a reusable razor,

– Too frequent shaving, skin simply does not have time to adapt,

– Lack of hydration of the skin,

– Inappropriate cosmetics.

If you already have razor burns – follow next page!

What to do?

http://www.groomingessentialsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/RazorBump.jpgIf you have a lot of ingrown hair, irritation and/or pustules best of all visit dermatologist. If you can’t do this for any reason follow next advices:
– Do not shave at least few days – it can cause more irritation,
– Use moisturising creams, best of all with aloe vera – to heal your skin,
– Use scrubs and exfoliants – they will remove dead skin cells and help to get rid of ingrown hairs,
– When you be sure, that your skin healed and moisturized you can try to remove ingrown hair with pincers or, better, special creams.


http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/media/images/79251000/jpg/_79251041_dsc_0063.jpgIf you got razor bumps – JiJi strongly recommends to visit cosmetologist or dermatologist – bumps, as a rule, are caused by local infection! Specialist will advise you the best way to get rid of this mess from your face that will be the best for your skin type – today here are a lot of procedures – from simple popping to electric and laser treatment!

But the easiest way to solve this problem – to prevent it!

http://www.agelessspa.net/cleansing%20facial.jpgFirst of all pick right cosmetics:

– Before shaving apply a face wash or lotion containing salicylic or glycolic acid on the shaving area.
– Always use shaving cream, foam or gel with moisturising effect – they will lessen skin damage. And never use soap – it dries skin!
–  Avoid products with alkohol – it clogs pores. Better use it the to clean razor.

http://powerpictures.crystalgraphics.com/photo/ethnic_sensual_couple_african_american_man_woman_creole_cg6p115743c_th.jpgRazor is also important!

Razor should be individual – do not allow your girl to shave her legs with your razor and don’t use hers one!

Timely change disposable razors or blades

– Treat razor with spirit before and after use

– Use sharp blades

– Always clean your shaver!

http://d236bkdxj385sg.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Man-Shaving-pf.jpgFew shaving tips

– Before shaving take a warm shower of bath – it will steam out skin, increase effect from moisturizer and soften your beard.

– Shave only with warm water.

Shave with the grain. Of course, your face will not be perfectly smooth, but you will avoid many skin troubles.

Do not press razor – better make more short strokes.

Do not use towel – it can hide a dirt and probably there are a lot of bacteria!

Dry razor and bush after use!

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