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You Won`t Believe Your Eyes: Unusual World Championships

Not everyone is born to become a participant of Olympic games or World Championship. Someone has excessive weight, the other doesn`t have enough patience. But, anyway, all these guys feel thirst for the sports excitement!


These competitions are really weird: you don’t need expensive equipment here, or high-tech sport clothing. Guys compete in non-sport conditions and use usual things for the competitions.

But nevertheless the amount of passion here is just like on great sport arenas! And these competitions get more and more followers every year.

Wheelbarrow Race kenya

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Paper Airplane World Championship

When you become older, you stop playing paper darts and choose to leave money on the table. But others still enjoy this exiting game!

Darts 1

The championship takes place in Austria, and it’s quite a serious event there.

There are three sport categories:

  • time of being in the air;
  • flying distance;
  • aero acrobatics.

Darts 4

The darts are made of special quality certified paper. The way you throw the darts is strictly regulated: for example, you can’t step over the line, otherwise you’ll be disqualified right away, etc.


Today’s record is: distance of a flight – 69,14 meters, time of being in the air– 27, 9 sec.


Paper Airplane World Championship – Red Bull Paper Wings 2015

Mobile phones throwing

For appearance of this strange sports event we owe to severe Finns. Who knows how could this competition appear? Maybe, Olaf had a quarrel with Katarina, or just Nokia doesn’t always work as well as they say?

Mobile 1

Anyway, this is one of the most popular competition here. Counting points is quite difficult: you have to consider the range, the height and even the participant’s artistry!

20050827 - SAVONLINNA, FINLAND - MOBILE PHONE THROWING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2005: A competitor in action during the team competition of the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship in Savonlinna, Eastern Finland, on Saturday 27 August 2005. LEHTIKUVA / SARI GUSTAFSSON

There are male, female and junior categories. But there’s no need to say goodbye to your smartphone, if you want to take part in the competition: the devices are kindly provided by sponsors: you can choose the smartphone by brand and even pick up a certain model that weights from 200 to 440 grams.

Mobile 3

Mobile 4

This competition has become so popular, that now it’s organized in England, Germany and Norway. The winners get the right to represent their home countries on the tournament in Finland. By the way, in 2011 the winners were Naomi Campbell and Russel Crow!

Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship, Finland

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Non-blinking games

You would say it’s easy, but have you ever tried to stare at your opponent about 40 minutes without blinking or laughing! The judge here got the most difficult job: he has to watch both participants simultaneously!

Staring 1

The competition is really difficult: you have the right to blink during the first two minutes, but then you step into the «dry phase».

Staring 2

Staring 4

Do you remember the Japanese commercial about the woman who can hold blinking for 24 minutes? We can bet, but that’s the prospective champion of «Non-blinking Games»!

Staring 3

Funny Commercial The Non blinking woman!

Worm ?harming

The competition usually takes place on the Willestone meadow near Cheshire. Lots of people come here to summon the worms – as many, as the y can.

Worms 1

The rules are simple: you can do whatever you want to summon little friends – just make them hear you and crawl up on the surface! Just one thing is prohibited – direct violence. That’s why during these 30 years not one of the worms got harmed.

Worms 2

All the participants divide into commands of 3 members (the summoner, the gatherer and the counter) and work hard on their own part of the meadow for 30 minutes. When the competition is finished, all the worms safely go home to their husbands, wives and children. So, don’t you cry, baby.

Worms 3

Today’s general record is 567 worms, summoned by 672 participants. Good hunting!

Willaston Worm Charming


Lawn mowers race

On ? upon a time in «Cricketers Arms» pub Jim Gavin, one of the future main participants got an idea – why not organize a competition race on lawn mowers, taking into consideration the fact that everyone has got one and this would be real fun! Fortunately, Jim’s friends had approved his idea.

Lawn 1

Later the competition became so popular that British Lawn Mower Racing Association-BLMRA appeared. Today, the race has become an annual event.

Lawn 2

Just imagine: beautiful, quiet morning in Sussex city… Suddenly, the roars of the engines break the idyll… The first thought is… Harley? No! Yamaha? No-no-no!! The first lawn mower shows up out of a corner!

The main idea is that the race is commerce free. All the costs are sponsored, and all the money got are charged to charity.

Lawn 3

The pilots here are toughies: the race lasts for about 12 hours, and the British weather is a well-known fizgig! After the dark it usually starts raining and turns the track into a real swamp! In such circumstances not everyone can even reach the finish line.

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Lawn Mower Racing

10 Strange Animal Sports 5

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