Who Should Be Afraid? Robots That Replace Humans At Work

Sports trackers can define health indicators better than doctors can. Today you can go to the nearest electronic store and buy an smart cleaner that can clean your apartment without any of your assistance.

But have you ever thought of how quickly one of these smart robots will replace you at work?! Sorry, Mr. Human, nothing personal!


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According to the statists (hey, cap!!), in the next couple of decades about 45% of the existing professions can disappear (or change significantly).

And even though the invention of the artificial intelligence that can compete with the human mind isn`t something that will happen tomorrow, robots already perform many of the human responsibilities better than the humans do.
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Taxi service apps

Today you can call the taxi using your smartphone and mobile app: the last one transfers your coordinates to the server, the program automatically chooses the nearest free car, transfers the data to the driver – and that is all! In France there was recently a wave of mass strikes by taxi drivers, who are very upset that mobile apps made them unemployed.

Download the most popular applications:

Uber By Uber Technologies, Inc.:


[appbox appstore 368677368 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.ubercab&hl simple]

Easy taxi By Easy Taxi Servicos Ltda.:

Easy Taxi

[appbox appstore 567264775 simple]

[appbox googleplay br.com.easytaxi simple]

Lyft By Lyft, Inc.:


[appbox appstore 529379082 simple]

[appbox googleplay me.lyft.android&hl simple]


Unmanned cars 2

Driverless cars can move running onboard computer, without driver. They know how to recognize the signs, road obstacles and other objects.

Unmanned cars 1

Unmanned cars 3

Analysts from Morgan Stanley believe that soon such cars will be very popular. In the subway, for example, such systems are already functioning – there are automatic metro line in Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome and other cities.

Unmanned cars 4


PaPeRo 1

Today in many supermarkets you won`t see a cashier. There is a system of self-service: you bring a product to barcode reader, put the money, and take the change. In the subway there are only coin machines – there are no cashiers.

PaPeRo 2

PaPeRo 3

For example, today 38-centimeter baby robot PaPeRo (the brainchild of NEC) easily performs the functions of a cashier in the store – he takes money for purchases and even communicates with customers, only on abstract themes, of course.

PaPeRo 4

Wedding planners

I-Fairy 1

1.5 meter robot I-Fairy, a masterpiece by Japanese company Kokoro, remotely controlled by an operator, recently held the first in his career wedding ceremony!

I-Fairy 2

I-Fairy 3

Yes, he is not as good as a real wedding planner yet, but… You should have seen how dramatically he waved with his limbs during the ceremony (he has 18 joints in his limbs for that). The kid has already managed to “marry” the Kokoro company employee and Professor of Robotics of Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

I-Fairy 4

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CareBot 1

GeckoSystems presented their brandchild – nanny CareBot. The model developed for caring of older people and children can be used to monitor their health, communication with relatives and as “reminders”.

CareBot 2

CareBot 3

CareBot 4

CareBot 5


massage Panasonic 2

Another example is the Head Care Robot by Panasonic. You come in a massage parlour, sit comfortably in a chair, and 16 mechanical fingers gently pour water on your head, massage it, apply a shampoo, then rinse it and dry your hair.

massage Panasonic 3

massage Panasonic 4

Everything is done sensibly: robot scans your skull and creates a 3D model, then he selects the optimal pressure for each of the fingers and for each area of the head! He even stores a database of regular customers in his “head”, and saves the best massage programs for them!

massage Panasonic 5

Chef assistants

Japanese giant Yaskawa Electric's industrial robot Motoman turns over an "okonomiyaki", a Japanese pancake on a hot plate for a demonstration of cooking at a robot exhibition in Osaka on November 26, 2008. Some 60 robotic companies and laboratories showcased their latest robot technology at the three-day exhibition in Osaka. AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Today the chefs can delegate all routine work to robots. Motoman SDA10 (“his parents” are Yaskawa Electric) at the exhibition International Next-Generation Robot proved that.

Motoman SDA10 2

Motoman SDA10 3

Within half an hour the Android “witched” over the traditional Japanese dish “okonomiyaki”. Motoman fried “okonomiyaki” using ordinary kitchen tools. During six months, Yaskawa Electric plans to sell 1200 of such robots!

Motoman SDA10 4

Hotel and hospital workers

MKR-003 ?? ???????? ???????? Muratec 1

MKR-003 Plastic Pal by the Japanese company Muratec is a perfect employee for hotels and hospitals. The main purpose of this cutie is moving small loads within enclosed spaces. MKR-003 is equipped with four wheels, ultrasonic sensor, laser range finder, stereo camera (performs the role of robot`s “eyes”).

MKR-003 ?? ???????? ???????? Muratec 2


MKR-003 ?? ???????? ???????? Muratec 4

The speech recognition feature and two screens – the small LCD screen ahead to display messages, and the bigger one on the back to display different content (for example, maps) – help him to guide the guests around the building.

MKR-003 ?? ???????? ???????? Muratec 5

MKR-003 ?? ???????? ???????? Muratec 6


PR2 1

Employees of American Cornell University submitted a modified version of the robot-butler PR2. Now the robot is able to predict human actions. At the heart of the robot`s ability to “predict” lies the principle of matching the videos. PR2 has access to the database, which stores a record of actions performed by a person in everyday life — for example, heating food in a microwave oven, eating and so on.

PR2 2

PR2 3

Robot monitors person`s actions, checks the database and makes conclusions about what the person will do next. He helps a person as needed. For example, if the robot saw (his “eyes” is a Kinect sensor), how a man removes the container with food from the table, he will assume that the next action is to put a container into a fridge. Robot makes a forecast, and drives up to the refrigerator and opens the door, sparing the man from the need to perform this operation.

PR2 4

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