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Top 5 Apps To Find A Lost Smartphone

Everyone is afraid to lose his smartphone, especially if it costs a lot and it’s freaking awesome! But it’s even more offensive if someone steals it from you!


Nose up – there are many excellent security apps. And even if they won’t help you to find your smartphone, they will definitely make a thief feel nervous!

Here’s the top security app list – choose one and get armed!


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Anti Theft Alarm

This app fights not the consequences, but the reason. In other words – it helps prevent stealing. The thing is that the smartphone will emit a siren if someone tries to move it. This is definitely a good solution if you have connected your device to the charge in a public place, but you need to pee!

Anti Theft Alarm 2

Of course, you will need to choose the settings that will suit your preferences. There’s also an option to switch on the siren remotely on alarm.jorli.com website – you’ll just need to go through an easy registration process.

Anti Theft Alarm 1

If you buy the ad free pay version ($1,5), you’ll get the opportunity to choose the siren sound and to make a photo of a person who will try to touch your device.

Anti Theft Alarm 3

[appbox googleplay com.apps_era.anti_theft_alarm simple]

Android device manager

Android Device Manager works on all devices running on OS 2.2 and higher versions. The whole point is that you can activate the ringtone of your lost smartphone using computer. Even if the device is far away and you can’t hear it, Android Device Manager will locate it.

Android device manager 1

If you authorize on android.com/devicemanager website, you’ll be able to remotely delete all personal data on your smartphone or tablet.

Android device manager 2

Also, using «Guest Mode», you can block or switch on the ringtone from any other device with latest version of ADM installed. Press the owner’s name to change the user. After you enter your Google account data, ADM will show you all the devices, connected to it. Now you can perform all the above mentioned actions on them. Then just press «Sign out» button to quit the app.

Android device manager 3

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.adm&hl simple]
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Where’s my droid?

This app is quite primitive, but it has several interesting functions. At its first launch, the app will offer you to enter the SMS codes, to choose a friend, to whom SMS will be sent if the SIM changes, or to set the password for the program launch.

Where’s my droid 1

App supports two commands«Panic mode» (switches on the siren mode) and «Predator mode» (locates your smartphone). You’ll get the SMS very quickly, including the exact location and Google Maps link.  There are no additional codes for SMS commands – so you should make more complicated queries.

Where’s my droid 3

One interesting thing: when the Panic mode is activated, your smartphone will send you SMS that someone took it in his hands!

Where’s my droid 2

[appbox googleplay com.alienmanfc6.wheresmyandroid&hl simple]

Find my lost phone

This app also allows you to control your smartphone via SMS. There are two options: you can locate your device and switch on the sound signal. SMS with coordinates can be sent to you several times; you can also adjust the time span, in which the location will be determined (if longer – then more precise).

Find my lost phone 1

Use app options to adjust the spare SMS codes for searching the device and even link them to your friend’s phone number.

The paid version of this app has additional functions: you can remotely clean your phone memory or get the notifications when SIM changes and get photos made on frontal camera via email.

Find my lost phone 2

[appbox googleplay com.fsp.android.phonetracker simple]


Cerberus is one of the best security app for smartphones. It offers you many things you can do with your device remotely. Pics on front camera, location of your smartphone via GPS, notification about the SIM change and lots of other useful functions. You should buy this app after the demo period is over – this will give you much more possibilities!

Cerberus 1

Cerberus automatically switches on the GPS when you try to locate your lost phone (only Android 2.3.3. or higher), and you can protect the app from the unauthorized deletion.

Cerberus 2

Thanks to control via SMS Cerberus works even when your smartphone is not connected to the Internet.  Moreover, SIM-Checker function lets you find out the new phone number, if the SIM changes. All  SMS sent and received by the app are not displayed in notifications list.

Cerberus 3

One more bonus: Cerberus doesn’t discharge your smartphone, because it works only when you control the device remotely – and stops after you finish your remote queries.

Cerberus 4

[appbox googleplay com.lsdroid.cerberus&hl simple]


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