Top 10 Men’s Style Mistakes, Part 2

The importance of looking good is obvious to almost anyone these days. With the right outfit you can achieve your goals quicker, whether it’s advancing in your career, building social ties, or meeting the woman of your dreams. However, it’s easy to get some fashion trends wrong or make one or two style mistakes. Last week we’ve covered 10 biggest crimes against fashion men commit, and now it’s time for round two. Take our advice and buy clothes on JiJi the right way.

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10. Untucked shirt or tucked in T-shirt

Wearing an untacked dress shirt with a formal outfit is a big no-no in the fashion world. The right shirt can take your formal suit to the next level, but if you leave your shirt untucked, it may spoil your whole look. Remember: dress shirts should always be tucked into the pants. T-shirts are another story: they aren’t meant to be tucked into jeans or trousers and make the wearer look silly, which is why you should never tuck your T-shirt into the pants. Buy great T-shirts, dress shirts and jeans on JiJi.


9. Too tight clothes

Clothes that don’t fit and are too big are a very popular fashion mistake, but a lot of men are also prone to wearing their clothes too tight, thinking this trick will make them look slimmer. What it really does is highlighting your imperfections, particularly excess weight. If you don’t want everyone to see that the last time you hit the gym was in 2013, never wear T-shirts, blazers or suits that pull in all the wrong places – better buy a great suit on JiJi.


8. Exact matches

We’ve already established that clothes and accessories that don’t match create a messy look. However, the exact opposite is also wrong – by matching all of your clothes and accessories in color and texture you make an impression that you work too hard on your look. This is especially true for ties, pocket squares, and other small accessories that catch everyone’s attention – it’s best to wear items that complement each other, but don’t match exactly.


7. Narrow tie

Much like square-toed shoes and severely bleached jeans, narrow ties are a thing of the past, and unless you’re attending a 90-s themed party, leave your 3-cm tie at home. Believe us, a tie this wide will not add anything positive to your look – it will only show everyone how slowly you adapt to new trends.


6. Neon colors

There are some places where neon-colored clothes are acceptable – mainly, night clubs and beach parties. If you’re dressing for a simple evening out with your sweetheart, or even to work – try not to include any neon hues in your look. Remember: neons may work in some informal situations, but the less neon-colored clothes you’re wearing, the more stylish you’ll seem to the people you meet.


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5. Sport clothes in public

You’ve probably already heard that sporty items belong in a gym or at other sporting events, because it’s one of the oldest laws of fashion. This fashion rule is true for a reason: wearing tracksuits and other sporty items of clothing doesn’t make you athletic – instead it makes you look like a person who doesn’t know the difference between gym and everyday look.


4. Shiny clothes

By “shiny clothes” we don’t just mean sequins and rhinestones, although these details look better on stage performers and singers. Certain fabrics and clothes detailing can have a shine to them that doesn’t make you look like a star; instead shiny clothes look incredibly cheap and tacky. It’s no secret that high quality materials like leather, wool and linen not only look stylish, but also make you look like a man who can afford finer things in life.

3. Depending on hats

Men’s hats are the thing that constantly goes in and out of fashion. One year we’re all wearing fedoras, next year it’s all about baseball caps, and a year after that men are strongly advised not to wear any hats at all. However, hats haven’t been in vogue for a while now, so if you’re constantly wear a hat in public, people might suspect two things about you: either that you don’t know a single thing about fashion or you’re gradually losing your hear. If you don’t want anyone to think that, don’t wear hats every single day.


2. Socks with sandals

This fashion crime is kind of a classic one. There are so many things that are wrong with the combination: first, it’s an outdated and silly look; second, what’s the point of wearing socks with sandals when sandals are supposed to let your feet freely breathe? If there was a chart of fashion mistakes, this one would be at the very top. If you don’t want to look like the least stylish person ever, wear sandals without any socks at all!

Man wearing sandals

1. Too many or too little buttons

“Too buttoned up” and “not buttoned up enough” are two equally bad style choices. The first one happens when you wear a two- or three-button jacket and close every single button. It’s very important to leave the bottom button undone, no matter how many buttons your jacket has. If you’re wearing a dress shirt, remember to undo only the first one or two buttons – a shirt that is too unbuttoned makes you look a bit trashy.


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